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Raiding Jean's Closet!

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Have I professed my lurv for jewellery and accessories on my blog yet? But then again I seem to be in lurv with too many things that I've lost track. I hate to admit it but I'm running out of space to store them all and yet it's not going to stop me from getting new ones *evil laugh*. I found a new place to stalk and get jewellery and accessories from, it goes by the name of Jean's Closet. I'm guessing coz she's got loads of stuff in her closet. Lol!

Jean's Closet gets her jewellery and accessories from the UK. Personally handpicks them and at a very reasonable price too! This multi strand bracelet is my latest purchase along with a few other items that I will feature real soon. Check out Jean's Closet on facebook. I bet you'll find something you like. *winks*

Multi Strand Bracelet With Tassle - RM30

More Pretty Stuff @ Jean's Closet

Photos of Jewellery from Jean's Closet facebook

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