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Pretty Stacked

By 20:14 ,

I rather like that first photo although my friend says it looks freakish. The focus was suppose to be on my wrist but it made my arm look miles long instead. Really isn't a very good look. I should figure out how to get that effect with my legs. Lol. Featured in last photo: Pearl Milk Tea. *Yumss*

I lurv a perfectly stacked arm and despite my ever growing collection, I still wan't more pretty bracelets. So I decided to DIY some with styles and colours I fancy.

Mixing and matching your jewellery is always a great way to get the look you want. I was going for a fun look with complimenting colours. Turned out pretty! These are so fun and easy to make and needless to say I'm hooked and I'm making more, in different colours. Though I'm finding it such a task sourcing out brass materials and acrylic rhinestone chains here. *sigh*

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  1. You made them yourself? They're really pretty! :) I love the pink and blue one.

  2. Thanx Laura! Made them myself, really easy ^^

  3. Fatin , can you do a pic guide on how you get these done...they are super pretty!!

  4. Hmm.. I'll see what I can do. :)

  5. your so pretty! you look like tasha shiela, or cher lloyd! <3


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