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Waiting in Anticipation - H&M in KL!

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One of my fave T's from H&M. The graphic is artsy with a hint of freakish. Plus it's so comfy. I got this one from the H&M store on Oxford Street, London. Brings back memories when I used to drop by H&M every week to see whats new and end up buying too many things. Lol. But soon enough I don't have to go so far to get some really cool stuff. H&M is finally coming to KL!! *throws confetti & jumps around like a looney*

With the rumour starting way back in 2009, I heard H&M is making its way to Malaysia some time in Autumn 2012! Hinting that its first store could be in a mall along Jalan Bukit Bintang, Suria KLCC or Mid Valley Mega Mall, this news is simply brilliant.

Though I have a feeling it could be a mall along Jalan Bukit Bintang since they are looking for a store that could be between 10,000 to 30,000 sq feet. Hmm.. that sounds like the size of where Debenhams is currently located at Lot 10. Debenhams is moving out to Starhill Gallery after all. *smiless*

Tshirt: H&M Mens | Jeans: Cotton On | Shoes: Mark&Spencer | Bag: Unknown Brand | Charm Bangles: H&M | Weaved Cuff Bracelet: Diva | Rings: Forever 21 | Lips: MAC Runaway Red

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  1. hope its in klcc...i luvvv H&M

  2. Lurrrve H&M! Just been to the one in Regent Street, London. It's mega-huge and fabulous! Hope KL open a big store though :)

  3. Good news! H&M is one of my favourite places to shop at :)

  4. I heard this too! Tangs in pavilion is moving out as well. but i think debenhams is more like it cause of the more visible location. =p
    can't wait can't wait! *jumping*

  5. Vina: As long as it's in KL, i'm happy!!

    H&Mhoplic: Gosh, lucky you!! So jealous now. Lol. Fingers crossed it's big.

    Esha: Me too! ^^

    Jean: Oo is that why Tangs is having tha big sale. *jumping together* lol

  6. I really adore your pants! if there were selling at many colors, i would buy that color and maybe a coblat blue pants just like that!

  7. you look stunning ! love ur pants !
    big fan of red lips, perfect xx

  8. Sabrina: You should check out cotton on, they have loads of colours and their comfie!

    Lisa: Thanx Lisa! That's one of my fave reds. ^^

  9. Hey! I know that this is really really random but you have beautiful eyebrows! And I was just wondering where you get them done or do you do them yourself? :D

  10. Thank so much Abbie! :) I get them done at Bobbi Brown. I love that they shape it to look as natural as possible. If you do decide to try getting yours done at BB, ask for a Senior Makeup Artist. And I also use The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit for that extra definition. :)


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