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Persian Food Festival @ Prince Hotel and Residence KL

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If you are a Persian food fan or simply want to try something different, you might want to check out the Persian Food Festival at Eccucino restaurant Prince Hotel and Residence KL in conjunction with the Persian New Year and Spring Equinox on 20 and 21 March.

Greeted by The Seven Sin (س)
A traditional table setting for the Persian New Year

Story behind the Wheat Grass - It is grown on New Year and if after 13 days a person is still single, the person is suppose to tie a bunch and throw it into the river for good luck.

I had a chance to try the Persian Food buffet last week and gosh I don't think I have ever had so much choices of Persian food in one sitting. Chef Shahriar Azarakshi, Eccucino's Chef De Cuisine took me through the variety of choices available and threw in some facts on some of the dishes. Some of which were rather intriguing.

Appetisers were a selection of pickels, dips eaten with zaftar, pita bread and the usual appetisers that you would usually order when you are dining Persian, Falafel and Shami Nokhod. Yes I actually did go through the whole pickle selection. The one that stood out though was the pickled garlic for the story behind it. The pickled garlic is usually made on the day that a baby is born and can be kept for years though it can already be eaten within a few months. Curiosity for the better of me I actually tried a tiny bit and it was more vinegar-ish more than garlic. The pickles are a good way to get your appetite going.

Shami Nokhod (chick pea and meat puree)

Pickles and Appetisers

Pickled Garlic

Zaftar and Pita Bread

For mains you have a choice of either lamb, fish, chicken, beef or mussels accompanied with Herb Rice or Saffron Rice. I went for the lamb dishes first (which explained my oh so warm body that night after dinner) which were tender and juicy with a mild flavour. The chicken was also tender and nicely seasoned. The fish however was a tad overpowering, not the flavour but the choice of red snapper. Chicken shawarma is always my go to dish for its simplicity. The mussels in tomato gravy with feta cheese was also something I rather liked. The feta added that extra bit of flavour to the dish.

Herbed Rice

Saffron Rice

Tajine Beef

Fish Kebab

Saffron Chicken Stew

Baked Mussel with Feta Cheese

Lamb Kofta Kebab

Lamb Stew

Chicken/Lamb with Rice

Shawarma Chicken

Then there was dessert. Okay I actually went for the dessert first before anything else. But for this review to appear somewhat 'normal' I started the post with appetisers first. I was recommended to try the 'Dried Fruit Sausage' Well that was how it was described to me, a variety of dried fruits in pastry shaped like a sausage then cut diagonally. It's full of fruity flavours. Light and fresh it's a great dessert if you are a health conscious one. The Persian Baklawa differs from its Mediterranean counterparts. This particular one I had uses different types of ground nuts, was not too sweet and is drier with a hint of rose water. The dates in syrup is also something light and great to cleanse you palette with. The rice pudding however I didn't really fancy perhaps because I'm more inclined to the creamier heavy type.

Dates in Pastry

Persian Baklava

Dates in Syrup

Rice Pudding

I rather enjoyed the Persian delights though some of the dishes have been adjusted to cater to local taste. Mild but still exciting. The dishes served may vary nightly with some special ones that will be added on the day of the Persian New Year.

The Persian Food Festival buffet dinner is from 15-31 March 2012 and is priced at RM98++ per person with children under 12 dining for free. Cick here for more info.

Prince Hotel & Residences KL | facebook
Tel: 03-2170 8888
Business hours: 6am-12am daily

*Note: Review is by invitation of The Prince Hotel & Residence KL.

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  3. chocolate turtle19 March 2012 at 12:38

    looks good...

  4. chocolate turtle: the lamb and mussels were good!


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