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Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Preview

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If any of you guys were at KLCC some time over the last week, you would have been the first in the country to catch a glimpse of Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Brightness Activating Essence, new to the Blanc Expert range. It's a light creator that gives you 'Crystal Bright Skin'.

I got to learn a bit more about the miracle of crystal skin with Lancome over the weekend. The Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal is a crystal brighteness activating essence that which recreates skin's natural light that radiates from within. It is designed to act from deep down right up to the surface. It contains Dermactyl Complex, Soy, Sunflower, Mint and Rose extracts to target the dermis, associated with powerful actives to target the epidermis. To offer a brightening action from the dermis to the surface.

Dermactyl Complex to target the dermis with Soy and Sunflower extract. Soy works to stimulate the fibrolasts to produce bright new collagen fibres for a radiant skin. Sunflower extract helps prevent the glycation process which leads to progressive yellowing of the complexion. Rose and Mint extracts help to reduce inflammatory messagers coming from the dermis.

Skin will appear dull and dark when fibroblasts are aged (L)
Light shines through effortlessly when fibroblasts are healthy making skin appear bright and translucent (R)

Actyl P, a new QD whitening agent, acts globally to help regulate pigmentation. It also contains Salicylic Acid that gently stimulates the natural desquamation process to reveal brighter, smoother skin ie a gentle exfoliation process. Despite the presence of Saliclylic Acid, it is still very gentle for those with sensitive skin. This is not taking into account  those with ingredient allergy.

The texture is light and easily absorbs into the skin with a light rose scent which is calming. According to Joselyn, Lancome Malaysia's Training Manager to achieve optimum results for luminous skin the Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal is best combined with two drops of the Blanc Expert Melanolyser, Lancome's iconic whiteness activating spot eraser. This was launched last year and is designed to stimulate the "melanin grains eaters" in skin cells to dissolve melanin grains so that dark spots appear visibly reduced and skin appears brighter. These two products can also be used separately depending on your skin's need.

The Dynamic Duo!
Derm-Crystal + Melanolyser

Joselyn demonstrates the massaging technique when applying Derm-Crystal and Melanolyser.

The packaging of the entire Blanc Expert range has been revamped to a luxurious sophisticatedly designed midnight blue jars and bottles subtly illuminated by a metallic shimmer.

Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal retails at RM350 for a 30ml bottle and the Blanc Expert Melanolyser is RM330 for a 30ml tube. Both are available at Lancome counters.


There are THREE (3) Carven Ong Dresses to be won! Each dress costs RM4000!! No I'm not kidding. You either need to purchase a bottle of the Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal to enter this contest or be a facebook fan. Winners will be chosen by way of lucky draw. To find out more drop by the roadshow at KLCC which ends tomorrow or just drop by any Lancome counter.

With some fabulous babes: Amanda, Joolyn, Jean, Andrea, Traclyn

Will review Derm Crystal within the next few weeks. :)

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