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Watch Me Simmer - Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection

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Watch Me Simmer, my fave from MAC's latest collection. It's a bright pink orange and looks absolutely gorgeous! I seem to be leaning towards brighter colours lately and coral-ish colours seem to suit me quite well.

It comes in a really cool bright coloured packaging same as you see in the promo photos of the Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection. The tube however is the usual black. Since this is an Amplified, not only does it give that creamy effect which does not dry out, it's also highly pigmented giving me this pretty coral shade dancing on my lips! This does stain though. I think it's a good thing coz I didn't need to rush and reapply since there's still colour on my lips. Currently lurving it!

Watch Me Simmer Amplified retails at RM68.

*Note: Product is press sample.

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  1. The colour is gorgeous, and looks really good on you! :D

  2. yuhuu..bought it but the color is so bright. malu pulak ...

  3. lauralei: thanx laura! simply lurv the colour. ^^

    elva: good to hear you bought this colour too. it's really pretty. but cannot be shy when you wear it. just keep the rest of your makeup simple, liner and mascara. you'll be the centre of attention, so enjoy it! ^^


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