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Sparkling Out The Door

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I'm really not one for heels. More often than not I will only wear them if I have to. Don't get me wrong though, I appreciate a gorgeous pair of heels but wearing them is another story all together. Which is why I always opt for flats, they are loads more comfy and I don't have to fear tripping to my death. Ridiculous I know.

One of my all time faves is a pair of Converse which I swear looks good with almost anything. I got these pair of Sparkle Nightshade early last month as a belated birthday present and am still completely adoring it. Lurv the colour. Lurv how the sequins sparkle when light bounces off it even more. I kept my outfit simple to focus on my shiny new kicks. The shoes were a definite head turner. Looks fabulous in action! Oh and featuring my new hair colour in Ash. :)

Shoes: Converse | Burnished Silver Bangle: Forever 21 | Charm Bracelet: Diva | Skeleton Leather Bracelet: Unknown Brand | Nails: Sephora Mirror Mirror & Tropical Fuschia

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  1. Awesome video with awesome shoes! :D I like the photos of you sitting on the stairs, very nice. ^^


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