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Hot Stone and Colours @ The Butterfly Project Massage Party

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I found my current fave red at The Butterfly Project Massage Party held at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care's latest outlet in Sri Petaling. One of two questions - What does red have anything to do with a massage party? and/or Sri Petaling where? *laughs* Come on I wouldn't be strange if I didn't start off the post sounding ridiculous. 

First up, thanks loads Tammy of The Butterfly Project for the special invite. I hardly make it to events lately due to my hectic schedule but hey when Tammy sends you a special invite, you make time.

The Massage Party is The Butterfly Project's July Review Project in collaboration with Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Ask Joey and Photo Booth Malaysia. Ask Joey did a really good job with the mood table welcoming guests. Loving the mint and white colour combo.

While waiting for my turn for the massage I got my nails done, one short though as I could only colour nine, my right thumb is still out of commission. How am I able to click on the space key on the keyboard? Well, with much pain. *sigh*

I wanted a dark colour since I had blinding summer brights during KLFW 2013.
Went for OPI Vampsterdam and Fly for contrast.

So I had a choice of a mini aromatherapy massage or hot stone massage. Honestly I didn't really feel like a massage, it was one of those days that I wasn't up for tolerating pain. The compromise - a hot stone leg massage. I love the hot stone part, it's the massage pre-hot stone that kills me. There's always too much pressure involved. I get it all the time with massages by the way. So I keep having to remind the masseuse/therapist to be a bit more gentle. Lacking in the meat department.

Then I got to know after the massage that I was going to review a full aromatherapy massage session. Dying to change to a mani session but I suppose I've done too many of those already. Massage it was. Again, thanks loads Tammy!

Since I was the last few to leave and I didn't do a full body massage earlier, I got to get a pedi done. Here's where the red comes in.. I usually have a thing for corals or brights on my toes. I spotted this gorg red which is pretty new for OPI, Danke-Shiny Red. Soo amazingly gorgeous! And I had to throw in a rogue smurf blue contrast OPI Can't Find My Czechbook. 

I had a pretty good afternoon. Managed to catch up with some of the girls too. Can't wait to try out the aromatherapy massage, fingers crossed it's a relaxing one. Thank you for the invite Tammy!! :)

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  1. wow!!! its really awesome event. what a lucky girl! :)

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  4. nice catching up with you Fatin, loving ur Vampsterdam nails btw =)

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