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Review and Swatches: Lancôme x Alber Elbaz Hypnôse Show Collection Star Eyes Palette

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How can you not love the Lancôme x Alber Elbaz Lancôme Hypnôse Show collection. I love it to bits! This latest collaboration between Lancôme and the creative director of Maison Lanvin was much anticipated and is huge in Europe at the moment. I have to say I'm a tad disappointed that there hasn't been a  big launch for it here in Malaysia. Regardless, this post celebrates the Lancôme Show collection in all its glory. More photos here.

How cute is that?? A lot of thought went into the packaging! How am I ever going to part with them.. *sigh*

This limited edition collection is all about the eyes. The ambiance of the collection screams electric. It's about putting on a show and it's all over the top glamorous. Alber Elbaz came up with four unique designs for four legends of Lancôme makeup - four bestselling Lancôme mascara and the new Hypnôse eye palette.

  • Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof is the first “doll lashes” effect mascara, for broader, longer and lifted eyes. Draped in its red heart dress, Doll opens the show with just the right dose of innocence.
  • Hypnôse Star Waterproof pays homage to the glamour of the silver screen with its double-sided brush designed to define stunning Hollywood eyes. Created by Alber Elbaz, its star-studded fur in electric blue makes it a studio goddess. A new star is born!
  • Hypnôse Waterproof - The first genuine made-to-measure mascara, Hypnôse leaves lashes up to six times thicker, increasing with each stroke of the brush. Alber Elbaz has made Hypnôse his bride, offering it a dress scattered with polka dots. 
  • Original Hypnôse is dressed in classic green eye prints with lush lashes.

The Lancôme Hypnôse Show 5 Colour Eye Palettes were created around the the must-have mascaras. Each palette is a combination of colours which offers different looks - fresh and natural shades for a wide-open look with Doll Eyes, chic and elegant harmonies for a sophisticated look with Star Eyes and, finally, intense and smoky shades with spectacular Drama Eyes. The Hypnôse 5 Colour Palette has been formulated with a wet technology which means that you can either wear it like the normal dry or wet the magnetic applicators for more intense colours. It also comes with corresponding mono eye shadows with same motifs.

I was super excited when I received the Hypnôse Star Eyes palette. Love the star motif and loving the combination of blues, black and shimmer grey even more. Yeah I had my eye on this particular one, so imagine my excitement when the wonderful people at Lancôme sent me the Hypnôse Star Eyes palette. Woohoo!! 

The design is sheer love! Unlike the usual Lancôme eye palette packaging this limited edition one is slightly different. It includes magnetic applicators which basically means those mini applicators will always stay in as long as you place it back properly. Here's the really cool bit.. you know how it's so difficult to get those mini applicators out of the allocated space. I always find myself using the tip of my nail to get it out. With the new magnetic applicators, all you have to do is push the one side and slide it out! No more digging!

It comes with one two sided applicator - one side to pick up colours and the sharper side to use to line. It also comes with a mini brush for you to blend the colours with. The applicators are reasonably easy to use. As for the mini brush, despite the soft bristles I find it loads easier to use my normal size blender brush to get a softer colour transition.

The 5 colours in the Hypnôse Star Eyes palette is awesome for a rockstar look! Okay, so it's not really meant for that particular look but you can just play around with the five shades - light blue, medium tone blue, midnight blue, black and shimmer grey. The first four shades contain micro shimmer which is vaguely noticeable in natural light but looks awesome under spotlight. That's when the shimmer comes out to play!

The texture is fine, soft and is easily buildable depending on the look you're going for. It transitions from day to night with ease and looks great for a smokey look. Each palette comes with a mini pamphlet on how to use the colours just in case you need a guideline.

After doing some experimenting of my own with the palette I decided to learn a bit more on how to use the colours. So I dropped by my nearest Lancôme outlet and paid Mel one of Lancôme's Makeup Artist a visit. He showed me how to use all five colours in one look. It looks pretty basic when he did it on my right eye. It didn't turn out as nice on my left eye when I tried it myself. Can't believe I was expecting miracles. *smacks self*

This look used the corresponding Hypnôse Star mascara

Mel's demo on my right eye..
1. Apply shade 2 as highlighter under the brow.
2. Apply shade 5 from inner corner of eye to the middle.
3. Draw a triangle with shade 1 at outer corner of eye. Draw a smaller triangle with shade 3 just inside the larger triangle for intense colour. Make sure you draw really close to the lash line.
4. Blend!
5. Apply shade 4 all over out corner to soften the look and for added glam.
6. Line eyes with Lancome Kohl Liner at the water line or on the lash line so as to not disturb the colour.
7. Apply Hypnose Star mascara to top and bottom lashes.
8. Apply 3 to outer lower lash line. Then apply 5 from inner lower lash line towards the middle. Then apply shade 1 over it from inner lower lash line towards the middle. Blend.
9. What it's suppose to look like.
Thanks loads Mel for the tips and mini tutorial! :)

Trying it out on my left eye..
Really need to work on my blending. Either that or I was nervous having Mel standing over me. Lol!

The outcome..

So why didn't I buy the Hypnôse Star Mascara to complete the Star Eyes look? Read review here. Well, Hypnôse Doll Eyes rocks my lashes!! One of my all time fave! :) Read review here.

But seriously it was really easy to do. With a bit more practice I'm pretty sure my application of Star Eyes would look better. Alber Elbaz completes the Hypnôse Show Collection with falsies in a gorgeous illustrated case representing a modern interpretation of the original Lancôme tradition. The falsies are meant to make a statement. 

You guys just have to check out this collection. It's fabulous! The Lancôme x Alber Elbaz Hypnôse Show Collection is now available at selected Lancôme counters. The Limited Edition Hypnôse Show 5 Colour Palette retails at RM195 (if I remember correctly, will check again), the Limited Edition Mascara retails at RM95 and the falsies retails at RM100 and is a purchase with purchase.

*Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes Palette courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia. The Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara is a self purchase.

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