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Crèmes, Eggs and Two Brûlées

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I really wanted to post a write up on a luxe cream elixir dubbed the new holy grail of cosmetics to start off the week but I wanted to clarify a few things first before going on and on about my discovery of what could be the next fountain of youth. I see a few sceptical looks out there. ;)

Until I sort that out which shouldn't take very long, I'll show you guys some photos I didn't have time to put up last week and also some yummy foods I tried. I attempted something I don't normally do with my nails, be a tad more fun with colour combos. Since I had a little extra time, I did a pastel purple and crème coral pairing with a pinch of glitter which turned out rather pretty.

I also tried something absolutely yummy for brunch from ACME Bar & Coffee @ Troika - Baked Eggs, Spinach, Rhubarb, Ricotta and Grilled Sourdough Bread which is basically 'Two Eggs Slathered on Grilled Bread' (RM17). It's one of those dishes you order when you don't really want to eat meats or too much carbs but will still satisfy your cravings for something rich and leave you happy after. Comfort food anyone? Great combination of flavours in a shallow pot! I was craving for more after I polished off the pot or maybe I was just starving that morning. Read about my previous ACME Bar & Coffee post here.

And my latest indulgence was at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique @ Pavilion, Crème Brûlée. A traditional French confection, two miniature cream brulees infused with exclusive TWG Teas Phuguri Darjeeling and Vanilla Bourbon Tea (RM17). Truly refreshing brûlées, smooth, creamy with full on tea flavour. Did you noticed something? No chocolate! *laughs*

Since I went with Jean and Traclyn we shared a pot of Crème Brûlée  Tea and I also tried the Financiers - Green Tea and Chocolate flavours from Jean's tea set as well as Napolean Tea & Caramel Macaron (my choice) and Bain De Roses Tea Macaron (Jean's choice). The Financiers were freshly baked, it was light, moist and tasted lovely with the tea infused jelly and cream. I also help Traclyn with her Chocolate Fondant. Spoke too soon about the 'no chocolate' thing hey. *evil laugh* Read about my first visit to TWG Tea Salon & Boutique here.

There you go, my colorful treats for the week! Deciding my nail colour for next week.

Look forward to: "The Holy Grail" of cream elixir!!

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