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KISS Mineral Makeup Intimate Bloggers Session @ Faceworks Clinic

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Are you guys aware of the amount of chemicals and non-natural ingredients that goes into our fave make up products or make up in general? Of course you are, but we still keep using them anyway because that what we're used to or it's what everyone else is using.

Ever thought of giving your skin a break from all those chemicals? Well I have. I don't mean walking around town bare faced. It's crazy enough I go bare faced on the blog but the outside world.. never! Unless of course by some divine miracle I wake up tomorrow with shockingly clear skin that doesn't go all oily 20 minutes after washing. Never going to happen. I'm talking about mineral make up! There are quite a few around but not many are 100% mineral makeup.

I was super excited to be invited to an intimate bloggers session to get to know KISS Mineral Makeup (Keep It Safe & Simple), 100% pure minerals by the way, at Faceworks Clinic right before KLFW 2013. Hence why I couldn't put this up sooner. Sorry guys.. *guilty smile*

Reiko, Me, Dr. Marr of Faceworks Clinic, Priscilla of KISS Mineral Makeup, Jean & Lisa
(photo courtesy of reiko)

If you're thinking mineral makeup is a new thing. Well you're wrong. Mineral makeup has been around since forever, heck it's ancient. Think Cleopatra's thick black kohl liner. Yeah Cleopatra from thousands of years ago. That black liner on her eyes were made from natural earth colours. So were all the colours during ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. That's how long colours have been around. During that time, makeup as we call it were made from grounded natural minerals. Not only did they prettify women during that time but because they were made of natural minerals it had loads of beneficial properties to the skin. Take the black kohl for instance, apart from make the eyes oh so fab, it prevented eye disease, protected the skin from climatic changes and it has a cooling effect on the skin. Seriously.. I'm not making this up.

So that's not the real Cleopatra, it's Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Of course by then makeup was already filled with chemicals but that's basically how Cleopatra's make up is usually portrayed

As the world evolved, so did makeup. It went from natural minerals to full on chemicals. That's why some of us get allergic reaction to some products. So we pretty much have to keep on trying products until we find those which our skin can tolerate.

KISS Mineral Makeup (made in Australia and US) is 100% Pure Mineral Makeup and contains 0% chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, talc and all those which are harmful to the skin. It's suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, acne prone, those having rosacea condition and you can even use it right after a laser treatment.

Trying out KISS Mineral Makeup

Start off with KISS Dermablend Skincare & Heliocare Sunscreen
Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Moisturise, Sunscreen

The thing I like most about KISS Mineral makeup is the texture. It's amazingly light, so you feel as though you're not wearing any makeup and it makes the complexion appear smooth. I've actually tried KISS a few times before and it doesn't clog pores and it lasts a good few hours on me with KISS setting powder. According to Priscilla you can actually sleep with KISS Mineral Makeup on and you won't wake up with a face full of break outs. Not advisable though, only applies to when you're dead tired and couldn't be bothered to remove your makeup. If this is you everyday, seriously sort out your skincare routine.

Priscilla demonstrating on Dr. Marr

To use: Pour, Swirl, Puff
You really do need just a tiny amount for one application. You can apply another layer for better coverage.

I was pleasantly surprised with the mascara. It layered on very well on the lashes without any clumping.

That's the bestselling KISS Lip Plumper that feels amazing on the lips.
Continued use will make your lips feel soft and will reduce the appearance of lines ie younger looking lips!

Finished look! Looks very natural and yet it managed to enhance my features really well.
KISS Mineral Makeup can also be used for night out or even photo shoots. You just need to use the right application technique to layer and enhance the colours.

KISS Mineral Makeup is sweat proof, which basically means all you need to do is dab off sweat and it'll still be there. I didn't sweat while having it on so I can't vouch for this. But it stayed on when I blot off excess oils. Kiss Mineral Makeup also shields you from harmful UV rays as it has SPF24.

There's a few really cool things you could do with colours from KISS. The eye shadow can be used as a nail colour. All you have to do is mix is with clear nail polish and there you go. Priscilla did a demo with the brown and it looked fantastic! The eye shadow can be used dry or just wet the applicator and pick up some colours for a more intense shade. There's something about that brown.. looks pretty! You can also turn the blush into a gloss. Just mix it with a tad of vaseline. Simple DIY!

Priscilla also did a group experiment with one of the lip colours and turns out that one lip colour looks different on each person depending on your skin tone. Cool! Speaking of lip colours, did you know that there's so much chemicals that goes into making it that there are some people who suffer from allergic reactions to it, some even severe. I had a recent experience with it myself. And I also just learnt during the workshop that your lippies are harmful to babies!! Seriously! Don't kiss your babies with lippies on!

After the session we were treated to an awesome homemade lunch! Savouries by Dr Marr and Dark Chocolate Yoghurt Cranberry cake by Nani (tastes amazing!!). It was soo yummy!! Workshops should be more like this! No wait, this was an intimate bloggers session. :P

I got a better look at my whole under natural light once I was outside. My complexion appeared smooth no doubt about it. Only thing is my complexion appeared a tad greyish as the foundation colour wasn't a perfect match. It would be really awesome if KISS Minerals could bring in a few more colours to cater for medium-darker skin tones. They do have a wide range of products but currently only bring in a selected few.

If you guys are interested in trying out KISS Minerals Makeup just drop by Faceworks Clinic at S16 Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery. Check out for the full range and to see what exciting things they have to offer.

Thanks loads KISS Mineral Makeup and Faceworks Clinic for the super fun and informative session! :)

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  1. Agreed, they should bring a wider range in, foundations are all about shades!

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