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Alice at KLCC!

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Look what I found at KLCC - Alice! It may well have been there a while but I just found it. There was a tea party going on behind the really cool poster. Complete with wooden chairs, tables, cutleries, plastic plates, cups and saucers. Looks so cute. Great place to take pics too. This little Alice in Wonderland set was on the Ground Floor, Ramlee Mall side. And no the food bits are not real either!

Alice heading the Tea Party

Terribly Adorable Cheshire Cat and his famous Grin

I would be grinning too if I had cakes and pastries that looked like that next to me.. Lol!

The Queen with the White Rabbit sat opposite her

The Mad Hatter enjoying a cuppa tea

Can't wait for Alice!

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  1. Cute! Were all the pastries fake?

  2. Sadly they were.. If not I would have ran off with some.. Lol!

  3. where's this in KLCC, it looks fab!!

    i wanna go see, i loved reading the book.

  4. It's at the Melium Group/Parkson side.. If you walk towards the Ramlee Mall entrance, you can't miss it..

  5. Alice is everywhere in Klang Valley!


Appreciate your comments >_<