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Harrods Cafe @ KLCC

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I think it took ages for them to open and yes I have been waiting. Harrods Cafe @ KLCC is located on the Ground Floor next to the Isetan park entrance. The entrance looks a tad out of place compared to KLCC's steel exterior but it gives a great English Cafe vibe with a small alfresco dining with white picket fences surrounding the area.

photo of the outside entrance later today, it was dark out by the time I finished

The interior of Harrods Cafe is looks like the mini food hall at Harrods on 1st Floor. Neither strayed from the original design of the Harrods food hall at Knightsbridge, London. So you can expect a very 'Harrods' dining experience with the only difference being the more casual ambience at Harrods Cafe with the ease of walking in with a pair of shorts. lol

The things I like about the cafe is that most of the food is put in the food display, sandwiches, cakes, pastries and sorts making it easy or difficult for some to decide. They also serve hot food as well as breakfast. I wanted to go for breakfast when the opened yesterday but due to a change in plans, I went for tea instead. How very predictable!

The desserts looked so tempting sitting all pretty in the cake display. I settled for the English Trifle and Cherry Brownie. English Trifle in small containers makes it so much easier to serve especially for commercial purposes though I personally prefer it in a large bowl where I get to scoop it out myself and feel excited about it. I'm not going sugar coat things, I have issues with this trifle. Why in the world was the jelly a bright pink-red? I don't recall any berries having such a colour. So they decided to go with jelly with pink colouring instead of  berry jam or puree. Couldn't they have at least made sure it didn't taste of strong food colouring? It happens with bright colours, how was this overlooked?? There was no fruit taste, not even a hint, nor was there a slight sugar taste, just colouring!! It ruined the taste of the whole trifle. Not that it was anything exceptional but the least they could have done was make it edible. For RM12, something should really be done with this English Trifle and tiny portion of it. A far cry from a traditional English Triffle.

Now, the Cherry Brownie served with Chocolate Ganache. Correction, meet the almost moist chocolate cake with a mild chocolate flavour. Even if it were a cake textured brownie, this one was too crumbly. The only thing cherry about it was the tiny quarter of a cherry right at the corner. For RM12 this one was edible if you're not particularly fussed about how a brownie is suppose to be like.

The only saving grace was the Salt Beef Sandwich with Harrods Farmhouse Pickle on Ciabatta served with Chunky Chips at RM25 (as stated in the menu). The beef was soft, succulent and flavourful. The portion is a normal sized one, alright for me but may not be enough if you like generous portions.

I'm not too sure if I will be trying any of the other desserts after the terrible experience with the trifle and brownie. But I am looking forward to trying some of the other sandwiches and perhaps breakfast. 

Harrods Cafe KLCC
Ground Floor,
Suria KLCC.
Telephone: 03-21651111
Opening hours: 8am-10pm

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  1. :o!!! Looks so nice om nom nom :p

  2. A pig like me probably wouldn't notice but your description already makes it sound so 'meh..'


  4. Sad to say, i was there today and service was terrible. Food did not meet my expectation at all. The wait staffs don't seem to really know what they are doing. Wii never ever return.

    really disappointed.

    I seriously think that harrods should do something about the quality of food served as well as train they staffs. This is really unacceptable.

  5. I can't believe how terrible that place is. It's a far cry from the restaurant on the first floor, and the one in knightsbridge. Food is bad. Wait staffs were unacceptably rude.

  6. This is a place that i can't wait for it to open it's door for buisness. i was so excited when i saw the hoarding board up and was really anticipating it's opening.

    Finally got to visit them after being away for 2 month, was craving for salt beef sandwich and thought what better place to have it than harrods cafe?

    I was so wrong and i have made the worst choice ever. everything there was wrong. the waiter got my orders wrong. not for only one time, but throughout the night! this is unacceptable and to make matters worse, they were downright rude at handling the situation. they made it feel as though it was my fault when it's very clearly not. Some of them can barely speak english, which is really funny cause it's harrods cafe that they are working for.

    When i read reviews about how bad this place is, i cant believe myself and thought to myself that the person who experienced it was just plain badluck, now i truly understand and so agree with them.

    I seriously think that there's a big problem with the staffs working there. everyone especially the manager who was unapologetic about the situation. shame on them, really.

  7. Had tea there today. no big deal. scones were terribly small. waiters were blur. don't think i will come back. prefer twg's service.

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  9. Desserts at harrods cafe is really bad. I think the cafe is really bringing the harrods brand down.


Appreciate your comments >_<