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Lancôme Loves Colours @ Pavilion

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I ♥ Colours too!!

If only I knew how to do my eyes *sigh*. Well, Lancôme invited me to play with some oh so purr-ty colours at their Lancôme Loves Colours roadshow at Pavilion Concourse yesterday. The set up was so bright and cheery, I could't help but feel happy.

I'm in the "O"! That sounds so wrong! :P

Lancôme Loves Colours dares you to cross that safe eye make up boundary and pick colours to suit your mood! Why not go for something wild and fun if you're feeling happy or cheeky. Or cool yet intense hues for a glamorous feel. Colours are so in!

Create Your Own Eye Colour Story
The palettes are RM140 each

  • Warm Shades - If your skin better interacts and is in harmony with gold and red tones
  • Cool Shades - If your skin better interacts and is in harmony with blue, rosy brown or light rosy colours
  • Neutral Shades - Tend to flatter universal skin undertones
Zam, Lancôme's Colour Design Artist and Head Trainer was around to bring out my aura, prettify my tiny peepers and introduce something cool. Yeah, a lot went on in such a short time. :)

Don't tell me you don't recognise Zam by now.. :)

The 2 Minute Aura
The current trend in Paris! This is suppose to Enhance My Beauty in just 2 minutes. Not only can this be done before putting on your makeup but it can also be done even if you have make up on. I was curious as to whether this really worked.

Step 1: Apply Lancôme Genifique which has a light texture to get the smooth fresh effect. Warm up the product in your hands and gently press it on if using over existing make up for flawless radiance.
Step 2: Apply Lancôme UV Expert either the normal one or BB Base. Warm up product in hands and press on over make up so that existing make up won't appear blotchy.
Step 3: Lightly touch up with Teint Miracle or Maqui Miracle (liquid or compact), using the press on technique.

Before 2' Aura

The press on technique

After 2' Aura
Okie it really doesn't show very well in the photo. But I did look a whole lot brighter and fresh as though my inner aura shone through. ;) But I was surprised that my face didn't feel sticky at all after the 2 Minute Aura over my make up.

Here's where the prettifying my tiny peepers come in.

Zam started off with Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen as a base. Then he smudged and blend Black Kohl Liner as the base colour and chose a neutral palette in Evening Star to suit my rather subdued yet quite chirpy mood yesterday. Was feeling a tad bit stranger than usual. *lol*

Hypnôse Precious Cells
This mascara isn't exactly new. If I'm not mistaken it was launched internationally last year. But better late than never right. It's finally here! This mascara made me go WOW after the first coat!! The effect is something you can't ignore. It is a Treatment Mascara that lightly separates your lashes making it appear longer and fuller as though regenerated. It's fantasticl! *photo proof scroll down quickly* I'll do a separate post on the mascara right after this one. Loads to talk about. :)

My left eye with just 1 coat!
*please excuse my eyes, haven't been sleeping much..*

2 coats for that added drama!
Current trend: Put that added shimmer at the inner corner of the eye to make eyes stand out.

After a pop of blush and a slick of gloss from the Limited Edition Juicy Tubes, I was ready to parade around with my borrowed Sereni and Shentel super cuteness hairband.

LE Juicy Tubes designed by Yayoi Kusama - RM68
Don't you just feel like collecting them all. So fun and purr-ty!

The Final Look

Sereni and Shentel

To recreate the look: Hypnôse Precious Cells (RM95), Eye Palette Ombre Absolute Impact 3D in Evening Star (RM140) and Juicy Tube in Peace & Flowers (RM68)

The Promos
Just drop by the road show for a complimentary mini eye makeover and you get to snap a photo at the photo wall wearing the Sereni and Shentel hairband and take home an A4 size copy. Limited copies daily. So be sure to get there early! *And please try very hard to resist the urge to kidnap the hairband okie.. i know they're super cute..*

Create you own eye color story with purchase of RM250 & above. Determine your colour personality, create the eye look, wardrobe makeover by Jaspal and A4 printed photo.

GWP: With any purchase of RM150 and above (including one eye makeup item) get Genifique Yeux 5ml, Bi-Facil 15ml (actual worth of gifts RM100).

Check out these Summer outfits from Jaspal

Photo overdose from me. Thanks loads Lancôme! I had a fabulous time! :)

The Lancôme Loves Colours Roadshow is from 18/7/11 until 24/7/11!
Dont miss it! :)

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  1. Hi Fatin! Laura here. :)
    Wow, your blog post sure came out fast!

  2. Aaargh! LOoks like a whole lotto fun...Wish I was there!!

  3. Hi, I am a reader from UAE. I like your Lancome products very much. Are you ambassador for Lancome? (sorry, my English writing no good)

  4. Hey Laura! :)
    I got loads to do, can't afford to postpone..

  5. Lulu: even if you can't go to the road show, grab a few friends and head to the nearest counter to try out the colours.. :)

  6. Alia: Hi! :) Thanks loads for reading my blog. Lancome is one of the brands I like to write about coz they come up with beautiful collections and fun campaigns.. you should try some of their products, really nice.. and I think your english is fine.. ^^


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