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Acca Kappa Brushes & Contest

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When it comes to hair care, I do the absolute basic. Which I have been told is not enough since I have dry hair. Though the absolute basic does not include combing or brushing me hair as I usually just run my fingers through it to put in place and tie it up. So when I was invited to join this contest by Acca Kappa, I was super excited because it involved their world famous brushes! Can't imagine myself brushing my hair.

Photo credit: The Butterfly Project - Beauty Blogger facebook
If you want to know what this is about, read on.. ;)

Acca Kappa has been manufacturing their products for over 140 years. Wow right! It uses the finest raw materials combined with brilliant workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. This Italian brand is best known for its brushes of 200 types for different uses. Gosh I hardly even use the only one I own.

Elena, Brand Manager for Acca Kappa introducing the All NEW Protection Brush!

Products from Acca Kappa

I learnt a bit more about the brushes with Mathew Matt, Creative Director of The Belfry Salon at Pavilion, KL. He has worked with the likes of Trudie Styler, Stella Tenant, Keeley Hawes to name a few.

Matthew, Creative Director of The Belfry Salon

Acca Kappa brushes are not only great for styling, but are also designed to massage your scalp and distribute the oils that secretes from your scalp from root to tip to help moisturise you hair. Hmm.. could this help my dry hair look healthy and shiny. You'll find out soon. *winks*

Photo credit: The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers facebook
Getting my scalp analysed

The verdict is: Normal healthy scalp with strong hair shaft! *rejoice*

(L) Round Wooden Thermic Brush - RM120
For blow drying! Styling, curling & volume. Must have for any woman! Ventilated barrels allow greater flow of air from the dryer and prevents further hair damage since we blow dry our hair ever so often. It has perfect grip and nylon bristles that are correctly spaced with just the right height to prevent tugging of any sorts. Plus it lasts way longer than its cheaper counter part, like the brush on the right. Both brushes are about 3 months old.

Pneumatic Small Paddle Brush - RM100
Suitable for daily combing. Rounded tip to provide delicate massage on the scalp and natural rubber cushion to enable the pressure to be absorbed and evenly distributed on the whole brush for a gentle massage.

Beechwood Brush with Wood Pins
The cone-shaped wooden pins easily penetrate the hair, while the rounded tip of each wooden pin gently massages the scalp. Beechwood brushes are hand-finished and never varnished. It is also naturally anti-static!

Differet types of paddle brushes

Pneumatic Metal Pins
Designed to detangle wet hair before styling. Gives volume and shine to hair.

After an informative session, I was treated to a wash and style! Didn't see that coming but was well pleased with it. That must have been one of the most relaxing hair washes I've had in a while. The soothing scalp massage using the yummiest smelling of shampoo and conditoner nearly lulled me to sleep. I really need more of those. *sigh*

Photo credit: The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers facebook
Matthew picking on my hair while I was complaining about the frizz ball attached to my head

I'm just going with the style, The Turban is all the rage currently

And guess who styled my hair?! Matthew himself! I finally met someone who understands the woes of having naturally curly hair! It's a pain unless it's in a good mood, which hardly ever happens. The hair I mean.

Matthew is using the Round Wooden Thermic Brush to blow dry my hair

The final look, Matthew gave me an editorial worthy style, loose relaxed curls. I would like to think it's kinda sexy. Excuse the moment of vanity, it's not often my hair behaves.


So here's how the contest works, Acca Kappa has exclusively given you guys, super awesome Chocolate Cats readers, a cash voucher worth RM15 when you purchase a set of 3 hair brushes at only RM280 (worth up to RM 390). A steal huh! All you have to do is print out the voucher below and bring it along with you when you're purchasing the set of brushes. Each voucher will have a code for Acca Kappa to keep track of as there are other participants for this contest. The more vouchers you guys print out and use, the chances of me winning a prize of RM2,000 worth of Acca Kappa products increases. I need a minimum of 4 vouchers to be used to qualify for the next round.

Exclusively for you!
Just print out this Cash Voucher!

Current offer
RM 280 - RM15 = RM265 for 3 brushes!!
Offer available at Acca Kappa One Utama and Acca Kappa Pavilion KL.

The coolest part is, you can get the brushes engraved for free!! Great for presents or even for yourself. I mean these brushes last a long time so you don't have to keep buying new ones especially the Round Wooden Thermic Brush for blow drying. It sure smoothened out my frizz ball!

I will be posting up more reviews on Acca Kappa brushes over the next four weeks for you to get more personal with the brushes. I really couldn't have put it any better. Lol! Stay tuned for more posts and reviews okie! :)

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  1. Can't wait for your review! I've been tempted but Acca Kappa brushes are super expensive ;_;

    Have to wait for this month's salary to come in before I decide~ XD

  2. will give my best for the reviews to justify the cost of the brushes! :)

    but they really are good. you can also share and buy with some friends.. ;)

  3. Tempting, except I already bought one (which I split with two people awhile ago in this kind of three-for-one things); want to try out the looped one the next time I'm at 1U.

  4. synical: just drop by AK outlet and try it out first.. you might like it and decide to restock perhaps.. lol enjoy your brushes!


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