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Lunasol Spring 2013 Nails: Vivid Blue Green x Vivid Orange

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I'm pretty sure you guys have seen my previous Lunasol post on their Spring 2013 Collection. If you haven't, click here. Jean and I met up for lunch/tea at Komugi Cafe, Pavilion yesterday to try out the beautiful nail colours since we each got one colour from the Vivid Colour Purification collection. So instead of prettifying my nails with just one colour, why not two.

Candy nails!! I really wanted to leave the nails plain but Jean brought these nail stickers in white lace and I have a feeling it was going to look pretty with the Vivid Blue Green (mine) and Vivid Orange (Jean's). Jean, I blame you for my sweet looking nails because as insanely pretty as they are, they are so not me!! *laughs* Jean decided to go all artsy and have brush stroke finish on hers. Identity switch much? The texture of the colours are somewhat light, so I needed to use three coats to make the colour pop. Despite the three coater, it dries surprisingly fast. The application brush is flat and smooth making it very easy to work with. Check out Jean's post here.

These colours from the Spring 2013 Vivid Colour Purification collection are limited editions. They are inspired by the beautiful colours of the butterfly which comes in Vivid Blue Green, Vivid Orange, Vivid Pink, Vivid Yellow and Vivid Red. Each colour actually has a matching eye palette which are equally as pretty. The nail colours retails at RM56 (10ml) each, a good size! Still can't get over the "girlie" effect. *faints*

I really like the Honey Roll at Komugi Cafe! It has this tiny cream bee on top which my sadistic self couldn't wait to devour just like how I defaced the bear cake on our previous visit. *evil laugh* It's light, fluffy with a just nice honey taste. I wouldn't mind a bit more honey though. That's just the sweet tooth talking. Jean's Fruit Tart was quite alright too. Though I thought it a tad confused with layers of light sponge on a tart crust. But apparently that's the Japanese style tart. It's a great place for a girly afternoon to meet up and paint nails since it's quite and the staff don't seem to mind. I've got plans for our next session!

*Products courtesy of the wonderful people at Kanebo Lunasol.

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  1. you know what.. we did not have photo together! >.<
    btw you are fast on this post! LOL
    *probably because i spent too much time to clear some blog task*

  2. i realised that too when i went through the photos! next session must remember to take photo. ^^
    it's a fun post, that's why it's super fast. lol
    backlog still starring at me. *sigh*

  3. Oooh, the lace is so pretty! But it's definitely not your usual style, haha~ XD

  4. The colors go very well with each other! :D

  5. Laura: i know right! girlie alert. LOL

    Arisa: they do look so yummy together ^^

  6. OH love the colors! I'm so into tiffany blue lately anything in that makes my heart melt! btw...good idea to team up to try both colors instead of one! and I love your easy to do lace stickers, makes it so...... Parisian.

    Jean.. u're too experimental! the grunge nail splash not suit u.. i like ur polka dots better. U should stick to that polkadots!!!

  7. polka dots! yeah i miss that too but my white nail air pen dried up. else can do blue base, orange with white dots french tip on top.. (if u understand what i am describing.. lol)


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