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Kanebo Lunasol Spring 2013 Collection Launch - Photos

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The complete Kanebo Lunasol Spring 2013 Collection is finally out! Though I have already posted some preview photos earlier here. I attended the cosy launched session yesterday and the room where it was held looked like a pretty candy store. Vibrant colours everywhere. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful colours of a butterfly the collection is just pretty!

flying butterflies in the background..

The concept of Purifying Makeup is meant to uplift your mood just by looking at the colours. Trust me, looking at the nails colours made me smile. Loving the mint and orange together!

Eye palettes match the nails colours! Super cute! There are five palettes for Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes - Blue Green, Pink, Orange, Khaki Beige and Pink Beige. With four colour each and two shades of the main colour, you can create several with just one palette. (RM185)

The Brow Styling Compact on the left comes in 2 shades depending on your preference and.. hair colour. It has 4 shades in each palette and the intensity is adjustable. (RM138)
The Coloring Cheeks on the right comes in 3 shades and gives you a natural healthy looking  complexion. (RM90)
Treatment gloss right at the bottom is a serum-type gloss that adds a hint of colour. It moisturises and has a plumping effect. (RM80)

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips comes in five new shades - Light Pink Coral, Light Pink, Beige Coral, Soft Beige and Beige Pink. The texture is smooth and it glides on with ease. (RM111)

Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips comes in five shades. It combines the colour of a lipstick and the luster of a gloss. (RM104)

Love these!! It comes in 5 shades - Blue Green, Pink. Orange, Yellow and Red. These colours have been created exclusively for Vivid Colour Purification. It adds a pop of colour to complete your look. (RM56)

Since there were only Jean and I in our session, yes I did say cosy, I volunteered her as the model to try out the colours. Envying her clear complexion! The signature look for this collection emphasises on a pop of colours on the eyes using the Blue Green Collection which is such a fresh palette. Love the colour. Seem to be attracted to my birth colour when it comes to eye colours. Although that's a good thing, I'm finding it strange. Read birth colour post here.

The Signature Look

Start with the base - Purifying Makeup. Learn more about it in my previous post here.

then colours...

Bong tried out the Blue Green on my eyes and I was pleasantly surprised the colour showed really well on my medium toned skin. He made it more intense on my eyes. Fab colour!

pretty cupcakes from wondermilk!

So there you go, Kanebo Lunasol Spring 2013 Collection. Vibrant colours are all the rage and you just have to get some colour on yourself! It will no doubt brighten up you mood...

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  1. the lipgloss look yummy Fatin, u r pretty demure in this look, i like fierce fatin more, wink2

  2. lol!! thanks ayna :) actually i prefer the usual fierce look too :)viva la rock chick!!


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