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Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics™ Drops Of Youth - 5 Day Challenge!

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The Body Shop Nutriganics™ Drops Of Youth promises a difference in just 5 days and I took them up on it. I started using this last Saturday, which was after the recent treatment lotion just in case you guys are wondering. Yeah, I've been lagging behind a tad with posting up my reviews due to various reasons so there's loads of catching up to do.

The Body Shop Nutriganics™ Drops Of Youth is created for the first signs of ageing. It is a youth-enhancing concentrate that helps the skin become smoother, fresher and healthier. The concentrate us enriched with Criste-Marine plant stem cells that help to enhance surface skin renewal which is the skin's natural process of replacing the uppermost dead skin cells with new ones beneath. Hence the skin is suppose to be more firm. An independent study discovered that 84% of women agreed that their skin looked healthier and more radiant in five days by using The Body Shop Nutriganics™ Drops Of Youth.

98% of the ingredients used in The Body Shop Nutriganics™ Drops Of Youth are of natural origin with high levels of organic ingredients meeting the strict certification standards. The main ingredient of Criste-Marine plant is known to thrive in harsh and dry conditions and it sustains itself by absorbing  nutrients from the air. It also contains Fair Trade Organic Babassu Oil from Maranhão, Brazil.

Housed in a green bottle which not only reflects the Criste-Marine plant ingredient but also the light calming scent of green botanicals, the texture is an ultra light gel which seems to work quite well with my skin type. It goes on a tad sticky but absorbs within seconds. After which no more stickiness. It's completely non-oily.

I really didn't think it could do much in 5 days. Who isn't a skeptic? But I did notice some improvement with my skin texture. It started looking slightly smoother. Improvement in pore size perhaps. It didn't feel noticeably heavy with makeup on either. It looked just as smooth. However I didn't feel that it hydrated my skin immensely though. Yeah I know, this coming from me but it could be that my skin is still adjusting to it.

I used this twice daily, morning and night. Two drops is more than enough to massage onto my face and neck. If you are wondering if The Body Shop Nutriganics™ Drops Of Youth is for you, well if you have anti-ageing concerns then yes. Are you too young to start using this product? Prevention is always better. So I would say 25 is a good age to start.

The Body Shop Nutriganics™ Drops Of Youth retails at RM129 for 30ml and is now available at all The Body Shop outlets and the online store.

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*Product courtesy of The Body Shop Malaysia for the sole purpose of this review.

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