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Dior Capture Totale Experience

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I have not really paid much attention to Dior skincare range. In fact the first things that come to mind when I think of Dior are the fragrances, especially Miss Dior with the Natalie Portman ads, so dreamy, and their super pretty blushers. After hearing some amazing things about Dior skincare star products I figured lets get acquainted with Dior skincare. I was at Dior Isetan KLCC, for my Dior Capture Totale Experience.

I was really interested to try out the Dior Capture Totale range, so the beauty assistant incorporated three products from that range into this skincare regime of Dior products, that is if I were to go all out Dior. The Dior Capture Totale range anti-ageing range that promises which is meant to regenerate, repair and eventually restoring a youthful glowing complexion.

The Capture Totale One Essential Ultra Detox Treatment Mask came highly recommended. It's a detoxifying mask that is suppose give you an ultra-smooth, plump and luminous skin instantly. After cleansing and a scrub, the mask was mixed with the Dior Capature Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum and slathered on my entire face. I saw a difference immediately after the mask, my complexion looked so fresh. This mask contain the highest concentration of Dior's patented blend of detoxifying ingredients to eliminate even the deepest skin toxins. What I liked about the mask is the use of a unique spatula to remove it. Removing it from the centre of the face outwards, it's meant to drain the toxins, just like how it's done at a facial. It's really relaxing and refreshing! You can also mix in a serum of choice with this mask.

Dior Capature Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum detoxifies the skin of all toxins, revitalises the skin making it smooth with soften fine lines and boosts the effectiveness of your usual treatment's ingredients by up to 4 times.

The latest from Dior is the Capture Totale Dreamskin Serum which is new to the Capture Totale lineup. It is formulated with a blend of two flowers chosen from the Dior Gardens - Longoza and Opilia to fight the signs of ageing. It refines the skin's texture, evens tone, diminishes wrinkles and increases radiance and firmness giving you that youthful radiance. The texture is light and absorbs fairly quickly. It left my skin with a moisturised non-oily finish.

Okay, so it was a mini facial. After cleansing, masking and everything in between later, my complexion looked amazingly fresh and radiant, looking as though I managed to get at least 6 hours sleep the whole week, in just an hour. The Dior Beauty Assistant finished it off with a light dusting Diorskin Nude Rose Powder and a slick of lip plumper and I was good to go.

Yeah I know Dior skincare is a definite splurge but I think these three products are ones to be considered. To pick one, my choice would be the Capture Totale One Essential Detox Treatment mask, just because it has that detox spatula. No really, it really did the trick of waking up my skin.

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