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Review: Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream

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The New Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream debuts this Spring and promises to help repair and brighten skin. The Extra Bright skincare collection was created by combining the moisturisation of EXTRA, Bobbi's award winning skincare line, with the unique brightening benefits found in the exclusive Super Citrus Complex. You guys know how I feel about products that claims to "brighten" but instead makes my complexion off colour and ghastly grey. The Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream however has been a pleasant surprise.

The New Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream not only brightens and moisturises but it also repairs. It is formulated with Super Citrus Complex which works to achieve radiant skin by minimising discolouration. A cocktail of vitamin enriched citrus ingredients - Unshiu Peel Extract (young orange extract), Grapefruit, Lime Extract and Vitamin C, helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, discolourations and unevenness. A skin brightening blend of Cucumber, Apple and Scutellaria extracts also contributes to skin's radiance while Glucosamine gently exfoliates, removing dull and dead skin cells for brighter skin.

The skin is also revitalised with deeply moisturising ingredients such as Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate, which instantly plumps, smoothes and refreshes skin. Cucumber Extract and Pentavitin helps boosts moisture levels over time and helps skin regain a soft supple feel and a healthy appearance. 

Linoleic Acid and Cholesterol  help replenish and reinforce the skin's protective moisture barrier to maintain moisture balance. A combination of Licorice Extract, Caffeine, Sucrose and a blend of botanical extracts protects the skin from irritation, soothes and calm the skin.

You will notice that the ingredients are similar to the Bobbi Brown Extra Bight Powder Compact Foundation (review here) I talked about last week as the powder foundation has been formulated to compliment the Extra Bright skincare range.

The scent is one I really like, light fresh citrus. Completely non-intrusive unless you really don't fancy scents. The scent is from the citrus extracts used in the new formulation. The texture is a lightweight cream that readily absorbs into the skin without feeling sticky. I usually reserve any cream textures for night use only as I find it a tad heavy for day use. The most obvious change I noticed was how my skin looked when I woke up in the morning. My skin usually looks super oily and dull when I get up. Yes this is normal for people with oily-combination skin.  I had to mention it as I have had gasps from dry-normal skin typed friends when I told them 'I wake up oily'. After using the Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream for a few days, I noticed that my complexion looks bright and my skin fresh despite the oiliness, when I get up. It moisturises well as I didn't find any part of my face to be dehydrated. This happens when my skin isn't properly balanced. I didn't experience any major breakouts while using this moisturiser, perhaps it does calm down my skin.

Two weeks on, using the Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream mostly at night, I noticed that my complexion looks brighter and fresh without any "off colour" effect, I'm still the same shade thankfully. The outcome is rather subtle that it looks more like you've been eating loads healthier and getting enough sleep instead of piling up on brightening products to make you look a different shade. My skin looks great even under make up. 

Wearing the Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream during the day, under makeup was a bit of a challenge. I found that it works best with the new Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Powder Compact Foundation due to fact that it's a powder texture and had a wonderful bright finish (review here). My skin got a bit too oily after 40 minutes though but the foundation didn't budge. However it didn't work too well with liquid foundation, it looked a bit of a mess, too moisturising I feel. I should think that dry to normal skin types wouldn't have a problem with it.

The New Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream retails for RM300 (50ml) and is available at all Bobbi Brown outlets.

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*Product courtesy of Bobbi Brown Malaysia.

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