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At The Body Shop Malaysia 30th Anniversary Dinner

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A lot of you may already know that The Body Shop Malaysia turns 30 this year. They have brought you their Top 30 Favourites earlier in the year and have been busy with the Be More Than Beautiful Campaign. Of course over the years they have championed many causes and spearheaded campaigns to create awareness on various issues. The most amazing part about it all is the support that they have managed to garner especially from loyal users and fans.

I felt so honoured when I was invited to celebrate The Body Shop 30th Anniversary last week in a big way. The theme, 'Together In Electric Dreams', the dress code '80's'. Think Madonna, that was the first thing that came to mind and nothing was going to stop me from wearing that poof skirt that hardly sees the light of day with my sequin high cuts. Lol.

The dinner kicked off with the management staff  lip syncing to a medley of 80's hit songs. Awesome show! There were not 1 but 4 Madonnas, Boy George made an appearance, Amy Search's hair looked oddly big and I was cracking my head trying to recall who sang 'Walk Like An Egyptian'. Also found out after the opening that it was also Datin Mina's 30th Wedding Anniversary. Now that's really something.

with Datin Mina

with Boy George

thanks so much for helping me out with the photos Ethel and the leather jacket :)

3 out 4 madonnas

amy search

angela & wern, you guys are awesome!

photo bombed lol - Datin is super cool! 

Sheila Majid sang some of her hits from the 80's which included Sinaran, brought me back to my childhood days when that song played endlessly on the radio. Did I just give away my age again. Oops..  And The Body Shop party wouldn't have been complete without  Ribena Berry aka Jo Kukathas. Insanely funny!

All in all, the crazy dancing session included, I had an amazing evening and I just wanted to say thank you so much The Body Shop Malaysia for including me in the celebrations!

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