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EPL Masters Football Malaysia Cup 2009

By 20:29

The EPL Master was held over the weekend. I felt so cheated when I realised there was no Kanchelskis despite the organisers advertising that he would be around for this tournament! But my frown didn't last long.. Manchester United fans from back in the day, eat your hearts out!! I got a picture with ANDREW COLE (formerly known as Andy Cole)!! It was a treat to watch him play again. Come on, he's still good enough to play in the current MU team. :)

This tournament had returning Champions Liverpool, Manchester United, EPL All Stars Masters and Sheffield United under one roof. It was wonderful to watch these football greats who played in different eras & seasons to just come together for the game and the fans.


Manchester United

EPL All Stars Masters
Ian Walker, Lee Martin, Ray Parlour, Russell Beardsmore, Ugo Ehiogu, Richard Sneekes, Craig Hignett (In no particular order)

Sheffield United
Sasa Illic, Paul Wood, Carl Bradshaw, Mark Todd, George Santos, Tony Agana, Alan Wright, Brian Deane, Tommy Mooney (In no particular order)

FatiN for Manchester United! LOL!

Though it was difficult to ignore the fact that a lot of the players are old and some may be slightly out of shape, not forgetting the ones with large bellies. Lol! But there are still some that have managed to keep themselves in really good shape. I noticed these are the younger players that may have just retired in the past few years like Ronnie Johnsen & Jasper Blomqvist. Actually Paul Parker looked rather good considering the fact that I started watching him play during the 91-92 season (Wow that's a while back.. This is making me feel old..).

Moving along to the tournament, it was a five a side match with 8 minutes in each half. Even after 16 minutes, a lot of the players were already panting. Taking into account their age & fitness level, they still had it in them.

MU warming up

Liverpool warming up

EPL All Stars warming up

MU walking out for match

MU scores v SU

EPL All Stars v SU

Ian Walker(Spurs) for EPL All Stars

MU & EPLAS Players

MU v Liverpool - 1st Round

Cole's bust up

Cole disagreeing with the Ref's decision
I just miss such episodes from Cole.. *sigh*

Jason McAteer
(Rather cute in his younger days..)

Mark Wright & Don Hutchinson

And then came the finals. It was a repeat of last years finals, Liverpool v Manchester United. Don't we fans always wait for such a final ;).

Walking out for the final match

MU v Liverpool Finals

Final Score

The final score was 3-3. No extra time for this tournament. Penalties! Hate it! But this time United came through!

Winning penalty by Andrew Cole! Woohoo!!
Come On You Reds!

The EPL All Stars won against Sheffield United. SU are after all the new boys in the tournament. It seems that they havn't been playing long enough as a team. Lets see what happens next year.

EPL All Stars receiving their medals for 3rd place

Liverpool Runners Up
Sorry mate, try again next year.. ;p

We are the Champions!! :D

And after the match, I went hunting..

Jasper Blomqvist & Ronnie Johnsen
Blomqvist won Player of the Tournament!
He was blazing!

Paul Parker

Mark Thomas (Liverpool)
He's super friendly!

John Dykes (ESPN)

I'm coming back next year! No doubt about it!

I'm hoping they bring in other greats next year. My current wish list includes Peter Schmeichel, Eric Cantona & Kanchelskis. *Drool..* It was a great tournament!

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  1. wooahhh din know u're a man u fan!

    u got to snap pics with ur hero..

    how cool is that... u rock!

  2. you should've seen me go wild at the MU Asia Tour in July..

    it was so much fun!

  3. Fatin,

    Not in a million years would i imagine you to be a football fan :-)

    You go girl!!

    Interesting post - i learnt some things.

    (me? all i know abt football is that it's kicked around - hehehe)

  4. Pigita..

    If you start following football you'll realise there's a lot of cute footballers to look at too.. ;p

  5. Glory Glory Man United!!

  6. Wow! Looks like you had an awesome time! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  7. any update on the EPL Masters 2011??

  8. hola anonymous!

    well so far i can tell you its on 13th March at Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil..

    bigs names coming are cole (woohoo!!), robson, fowler, zola, davids, yorke, mcmanaman..

    carnival starts at 12pm.. celebrity match at 430 featuring zola, di canio, seaman taking on the malaysian masters.. main match between MU & Liverpool!

    tickets are already on sale.. check out, victoria music centre @ sg wang, ampcorp, tropicana city mall & bsc..

    i'll update more when i find out something new.. :)


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