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Dance : Showdown 2010 by 8TV

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Music blasting in the background, nervous hopeful dancers, camera crews, and technicians littered the main entrance new wing One Utama (OU) on Saturday 30/1/10. Now this brings back memories. It was the KL auditions for 8TV's latest dance reality show, Showdown 2010. Its tagline is "A one-of-a-kind dance crew show that's taking it from the streets". With many familiar faces amongst the crew and participants to catch up with, I was wishing I was part of this all over again. Oh how time has flown by too quickly.

The auditions and Battles have been going on since 9/1/10 in Johor Bahru, 16/1/10 in Penang and 23/1/10 in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Registrations 9am-3pm

Crews waiting for their turn

Registration at OU has been opened since 9am with crews from various genres, breakers, hip hoppers, cheerleaders, mainstream pop to name a few. A bit surprised shufflers were not represented. Not that I would have fancied watching them at all anyways. Lol!

Participants had to dance under the scorching sun. I got there about 12 noon and the heat was insane!

I should get me one of those

Unlike 8TV's other reality show, So You Think You Can Dance which did not survive to see a third season  where extra credit or recognition was given to any type of formal training be it ballet, contemporary, jazz, gymnastics to name a few, Showdown is looking for something more.. STREET. Chuck the formal training out the window. Now that's more like it. Finally sheer raw talent can be taken seriously, instead of trying to impress the judges with rigid techniques.

Despite this advantage I failed to notice much raw talent, dancers who do it with soul and passion. The kind that makes you feel like you are a part of the routine just by their presence. The kind that makes you feel like dancing with them when they dance. Believe it, they do exist!

The youngest crew there. Didn't stay to watch them dance though.

There were a few B-Boy crews that definitely impressed with tricks, stunts and strength (hardcore breakers seem to be missing though, perhaps reality dance shows just isn't their thing) but there were also others that I would dare say an embarassment to the B-Boy community.  Imagine having a crew of 6 and only 1 guy that does the tricks and stunts, the rest are just fillers. Then there was another crew of 5, 2 chics and 3 guys, mainstream pop crew. The guys had a lot more spunk dancing to the Pussycat Dolls and just drowning out the chics.

I was disappointed that there are still not many girls who can bring it. I'm not talking about going all hoochy and doing some skanky routines but ones that can truly compete with the guys especially when it comes to hip hop and breaking.

Judges : Maple Loo & Joe Flizzow

Jow Flizzow and Maple Loo have been invited as judges on the show. If you do not know who Joe Flizzow is by now you should smack yourself real hard.  Originally of Too Phat, he is one of the first few local artists to bring hip hop into the mainstream in Malaysia. I really think he is beginning to look a little bit like Jay Z. Maple Loo, a dancer/choreographer has been in the industry for 18 years and is responsible for introducing pole dancing in the country. She looks damn fit and can give the young dancers a run for their money any day. I'm just saying.. ;)

The Battle Ring

Successful crews were put through to the Battles on Sunday 31/1/10. I did not manage to catch this one though. But from what I saw from the auditions, there were not many crews if at all that were awe inspiring, most were just okay la. *Wonder where the really good dancers went.* I guess we will just have to wait until the actual rounds where the rest of the successful crews from the Battles in Johor Bahru, Penang and KL get together.

Calling any crew that may need a new member or anyone that is looking to form a crew just to dance for the love of it, mail me! ;) Seriously.. :)

*Sorry not much dancing pics, was a bit preoccupied..

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