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Sony WPA Workshop - Understanding Photography

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Subject : Understanding Photography - Defining Snapshots, Technicality & Creativity

Speaker : George Wong @ Revven

Date : 7/02/10 @ Galeri Petronas

Nearly 50 people turned up for this workshop. To think it was only limited to 15 people. It was an insightful basic workshopGeorge used pictures from the exhibition to illustrate his points. We were asked to judge the images/picture independently. The focus was on identifying the subject, intention and execution apart from the technical aspects. - FatiN

Workshop Outline

1) Introduction

Pictures Defined
Comes from a Greek word meaning "Painting With Light"

Quoting Ken Rockwell, "Want to learn photography? Learn painting"

Good Pictures v Bad Pictures
It depends on the person's character, personality and era.
Nothing is completely good or bad.
There are no absolutes.

Intention v Luck
Look at the intention of the person taking the picture

2) Snapshots

An informal photo usually taken with a small/compact camera.
Eg Alex Majoli - Magnum Photographer
    - Uses compact high zoom camera
    - Carries around 8 compact cameras just in case
    - Has covered Wars in Iraq & Congo with compacts

Snapshot = Bad Picture?
- What was the situation/enviornment that the photgrapher was working in.
- Was the photographer at the right place at the right time?

-Subject of the photo
 Situation + Intention + Timing = Quality

3) Technicality

- Isolate the subject from the background
- Highlight subject/story/meaning
- Create association
- Was the technique used effectively? Was it clear?
  Composition + Technique + Message = Intention

4) Creativity

Going beyond the ordinary

- Richard Avedon dubbed one of the ten greatest  photographers in the world.
  - Did you expect any of these?
  - If you are surprised = Yes creative!

If you missed this one,

Next Workshop : 21/02/10 (Sun) 11am-1pm
Explore Architecture, Discover Heritage through PhotographyUnderstanding Photography: Defining Snapshots, Technicality & Creativity

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  1. nice 1!! interested~~~

    is it for sony cam customer onli?

  2. hey zoe..

    its open to all.. no need to be sony customer.. and you don't have to bring a camera along.. unless you're going to blog about it.. ;)

  3. Oh, I registered both 3 workshop but I didn't go, first one forgot, second one bz...
    I was thought it's a hands-on workshop..


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