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Cupcake Workshop

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Pretty Yummy Cupcakes! Organised by Nuyou and Cake Connection at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya on 27/2 can only be described as loads of fun! 3 hours allocated for the workshop went by too fast.

My yummy lil cupcakes!

With Nancy (In pruple)

Okay, I didn't exactly get to bake the cupcakes but Nancy of Cake Connection demonstrated how to. I got to do the good part.. Decorating it! Buttercream icing style. 

At Island 1 (As Nancy refers to it)
Demonstration of how to make a perfect vanilla cupcake from a tried and tested recipe. Seems simple enough. But have a feeling things might go wrong if I did it myself.. at home. Nancy shared some tips, do and don'ts in successfully getting lovely, moist cupcakes out of the oven. 

Not only do they smell nice they taste great!

At Island 2
Decorating time! Already on the table were icing that was prepared earlier and other colourful decorations for the cupcakes. Nancy demonstrated the basic icing techniques - swirl, star, rosette and leaf, before leaving everyone to their own devices. I got four cupcakes to work some magic on. My magic wasn't working too well though. Lol!

My attempt at rosettes and leaves

With Pigita, Doroshi and Miu

I must admit it wasn't as easy as it looked. Lotsa practice!  I got the hang of doing the leaf after a while. Can't say the same for my rosette though!

Cupcakes galore

Cake Connection offers classes for baking and decorating cupcakes/cakes as well as supplies and equipment. Just click on the the link.

Craving for cupcake now at 1.54am!

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  1. It was such a fun workshop and i'm looking forward to this Wednesday's class.

    See u there!


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