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My Italian Escape @ Cafe Barbera

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A brief visit to a charming Italian villa was just what I needed over the weekend. I wish! Located away from the busy Jalan Maarof was Cafe Barbera along Lorong Maarof. It was renovated to look like and have an Italian-esque feel to it. Is that even a word? This was one of my "Lets try a new place" trips. 

A Lil Background 
This cafe is a franchise of an Italian-based food and beverage company, Barbera Caffè Co. It can be found in30 countries across the world. Opened in Malaysia on Christmas Eve last year, Barbera coffee has its origins in Messina Italy, since 1870. It offers gourmet Italian coffee, sandwiches, pastas, pizza, pastries and desserts.

Welcoming. Feels cosy. The garden outside looks like a great place to chill in the evenings when its not crazy hot. The music playing inside was suitable with the Cafe's concept.

Various types of coffee mixes decorates the wall.

Hmm.. What shall I have for  tea?

Pana Cotta? Maybe next time..

Italian Coffee! Classic Italianos - Hot, Classico Italianos - Cold, and Fantasy In Coffee. I could not resist ordering something from the Fantasy In Coffee section.

What I chomped on
1) Napoli (Fantasy In Coffee) - RM10.50
Neapolitan Espresso, hazelnut syrup, chocolate syrup, chilled milk foam.

Napoli - Left. Topped with coffee beans.

Strong coffee. Since there are two types of syrups in this drink, it tends to be on the sweet side.

2) Roma (Fantasy In Coffee) - RM10.50
Italian Espresso, cinnamon syrup, chocolate sauce, chilled milk foam.

Roma - Right. Pretty art topping.

Strong coffee. Since there are two types of syrups in this drink, it tends to be on the sweet side. But quite like the light taste of spice the cinnamon syrup adds to it.

3) Chicken and Cheese Focaccia - RM14.50

The quarter end was already being chomped on..

Side of salad with coffee dressing.

Melted cheese.

Served with a side of salad and.. a coffee based dressing. This is new to me. Its definitely an acquired taste. I did not really think it complemented the greens too well.

Focaccia with a light spread of mayo, generous portion of chicken ham and melted cheese on a piece of lettuce. It was basic and ok.

4) Apple Pie with Ice Cream - RM9.50

Basic vanilla ice cream. It kinda tastes like it came out of a Walls tub. Puff pastry base with lattice top. Light but not puffy enough. Though I thought the apple filling was slightly dry, perhaps due to the lattice top. Not too sweet. It was alright. I would not really order this again.

Other Bits
The supervisor was very sharp, she noticed that I was taking pictures of the drinks, food and place, also scribbling down stuff. She showed me the conference room and told me the place looks great at night. The service was good and friendly.

Considering going there again, in the evening to try out more coffee and take more pictures. It's a nice place to hang out.

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  1. fatin, i dunno they have place like this in kl. so modern and intimate at the same time... would love to go there tooo, ngee~

  2. ayna you should go.. nice place to take pics.. but try going for dinner.. the lights make it look even nicer.. :)

  3. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh

    thanks fatin. will suggest this place to hubby for our next date.


  4. very romantic place for a date.. ;)

  5. nice place indeed although i dont think will be going back due to someone's coffee gone wrong. LOL!! How abt a blog on some shoes? LOL. hehehe

  6. LOL! Stil can't believe they did that! I'll attempt shoes.. Then you can tell me if I'm any good at doing shoes.. :p

  7. Hi Fatin. The place looks nice! Would like to try it it out. where is it located actually? senang nak cari tak? Just wondering, is it halal though?

  8. Hi :)

    It's on Lorong Maarof, the road behind the Bangsar LRT station. You can also turn in from Jalan Maarof (main road). Very easy to find.

    And as far as I know, it's halal.. :)

    Add: 18, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel No: 03-2287 3628

    Long weekend, you should check it out..

  9. wow nicee discovery!! Definitely gona check it out! The building looks like taken frm overseas!! haha awesome!

  10. Thanks for your reply :) Will check it out one fine day :)

  11. Doroshi: If we can't go to Italy, I guess this will have to do for the moment.. :p

    Anonymous: No worries :)


Appreciate your comments >_<