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FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour 2010

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9th July 2006, Olympiastadion, Berlin : Italy beat France in a 5-3 penalty shootout. The trophy was in the hands of Italy.

29th January 2010, Kuala Lumpur : World Cup trophy stop over in Malaysia.

"The Trophy that has given hope and inspired billions, lifted by legends. Possibly one of the very few things that have made grown men cry!"

The Malaysia stop over is part of the 225-day World Cup Trophy Tour to 86 countries. This is the biggest-ever journey around the world taken by the solid-gold trophy in the run-up/en route to South Africa 2010. I got free tickets through Astro just by signing up on their website.

I want this in my room!

My session was at 6-8pm. The security at the Midvalley Exhibition Centre was quite tight. After getting my entry wrist band, I entered the hall full of games and entertainment. Football related of course.

'Timbang Frenzy'
I looked like a nutter playing this. Ridiculously fun. No pic though.

Imagine if that was a real bottle of coke..
I can have a dip in it..

Interactive football scoring with giant screen, FIFA 2010 on PS3, interactive 'Timbang Frenzy' the riduculous football game, flag painting, showcase of Coca-Cola/World Cup memorabilias, fusball and not forgetting the mascot accompanied by loud music really got people into the football mood.


Dying to squish Zakumi..

South Africa 2010 mascot is Zakumi a leopard with green hair wearing a shirt saying South Africa 2010. Zakumi's green and gold colors represents South African national sports' teams colors. His name comes from "ZA", the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for South Africa, and "kumi", a word that means "ten" in various African languages. The cheeky expression he wears makes him look so adorable!

Free coke counter!
Might as well stand by the cooler and start loading the bag..

This was also a haven for original Coke lovers because they were giving them out for free!! No limits on how many one person can take. People were just taking cans and bottles of it home in bags! I was one of them, but only six bottles though. Not so greedy. Lol..

After I finished entertaining myself I started getting into the queu to see the trophy. First we were entertained with a 3-D movie showcasing memorable moments of the FIFA World Cup. It was so cool! The ball looked as though it was coming out of the screen. It also showed how football might be played in 2012. So futuristic.

Jabulani : South Africa 2010 Official Football

The Trophy in real life! So in awe!
Want this in my room too! Lol..

Next stop, trophy! The route to the cup was line with historical prints of past matches as well as the official balls for each year. People were not allowed to use their own camera to take a picture with the trophy but they could take a picture of it from afar. Officials had already set up a station to snap and print. The best part is that the pictures can be downloaded from the FIFA official website.

Pic 1: "Oh look, The Trophy"

Pic 2: "Rreoww! Come here you!"
Yeah, I'm kinda stuck with the cat pose at the moment..

By the time I collected my pic and went out of the hall it was 745pm and the organisers were letting people in without tickets, "Happy Hour" they called it. Guess what I did.. I went in again, and took a picture with the trophy..again! So now I have 2 pictures with the legendary trophy!

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  1. omg that's nice...!!!!!!11 i din know its so fun!!! n the pics!! and the coca cola bottles/cans! are they for sale??

  2. I didn't realise it was gonna be fun either.. Thought it was gonna be, "Here's a can of Coke, now go take pic with the trophy".

    The cans & bottles were only for display, not for sale.. The collectors were there to personally guard it from crazed Coca Cola fans just in case.. lol.. Really cool stuff though!

  3. Miu would have been in coca-cola heaven.

    I think if she were there, she would have gone for a dip in the giant coke!! hahaha Coca-cola addict that she is.


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