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Salabianca's Revolutionize Your Fashion Style

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Everyones been talking about Salabianca's Revolutionize Your Fashion Style event since Salabianca announced it on their facebook. Naturally, I was fussing over what to wear before rushing off to Salabianca Pavilion yesterday morning since there was going to be a photoshoot.

Busy at work

I got there about 1055am to register when Larry of Salabianca instantly recognised me. I first met him at the KLCC fashionista workshop in April. A Salabianca staff who attended to me got me to log on to my facebook account for registration and was given a coupon-like thingy for makeup, hair, gift redemption &; photoshoot. To redeem my gift, I had to pick it out of a huge box! *no peeping*

I exchange my original set of bangles with Jean coz she liked the one I got
I like the spikey & weave looking ones!

No.7! Oo that's me! I didn't really have to wait very long before my number was called. My hair only took about 10 minutes to sort out coz I wanted to leave it as it was, just a bit more done. No curls this time though. :(

With Jean, Elle, Sharon & Miu gettin her hair done

I got my makeup done by Steven from MAC. I quite like the colours he used for me eyes, gold, bronzey yet natural. He went heavy on the liner which I liked coz it's one of those things I don't usually do.

After hair & makeup
Lookin a lil different with this look..

Doroshi, Jean, Sharon & Cia Wei @ makeup/hair section

Just as I thought I was going to get my pic taken in my purple top, which I thought looked quite alright ;), I was told to go into Salabianca's store to change into a outfit. Oh wow! All that fussing in the morning was pointless. I got to wear something from Salabianca!!

I was given a dark pink/maroon coloured top with small metal details to change into. I rather liked the top, the colour is so me but I'm not sure where I'll wear it to. At RM109, it was tempting to get. But it was a bit loose so they had to tie up the left strap to keep it from running down. Wouldn't want a "wardrobe malfunction" during the photoshoot! *eeekk*

As I rushed back to the makeover area, I got accessorised and put infront of a backdrop. This was the cameraman, "Okie, pose. Smile more!" and that was it. Done in 2 shots. Talk about a quickie. :P 

Thanx Doroshi for taking these! :)

No guesses for what happened after that, loads more pics with every familiar face that was there. 

With Larry of Salabianca

The girls lookin great!
Can't say the same for my hair though.. lol!

With Candilicious & Ying Ling

Elle, Miu & Jean striking a pose
I'm liking the hat look!
Wonder where'd Elle's shoes go.. :P

An event like this attracts girls like bees to honey. It's just so much fun. This one felt a lil red carpet-ish especially because we got to take pics in fancy Salabianca outfits complete with accessories. :) Apart from the whole photoshoot thingy, it was a good oppurtunity to find out what Salabianca's style is like.

This was a 2 day event at Salabianca Pavilion, 10-11/7 from 11am to 8pm. Pictures taken will be uploaded by Monday 12/7 onto their facebook. Top 20 pictures with the most votes from friends/fans will get a goodie bag each with a Salabianca shopping voucher. For more info visit their facebook.

Since there's 20 prizes to be won, start campaigning, you might get lucky.. ;)

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  1. i dun even have T_T photos of the event to blog sob sob...

  2. oddly enuff i didn't take very much pics.. most i've already posted on fb.. you're welcomed to use those.. :)

    next time must give you wake up call.. :P

  3. i like yr purple top, where did u get it frm? yr hair's nice too tho not much curl ;)

  4. wow! looked soo fun!
    luv all your hair gals~

    haha Cinderella Ann where ze shoe

  5. hey irene :) i got the purple top from fos! it's one of those rare pretty things you find there..

  6. stellar, elle told us you were at her place playing xbox!! lol!

    you should've come.. :)

  7. still thinking to blog or not blog..not much photo I got.. lol

  8. i think you should write something short even if not much photos..

    just about your experience there.. :)


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