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Amber Chia Academy Launch @ Jaya One

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The Amber Chia Academy was launched on Tuesday!! After 12 years in the industry this is a move thats been waiting to happen.

The Academy spread over 2,000 square feet

Before I get into the details, I have to say that despite being heavily pregnant, Amber Chia looked radiantly beautiful in a red dress! :)

Speaking with much passion and excitement at the press conference, Amber Chia is thrilled that her dream has finally been realised. Together with Benjamin Toong ("Catwalk Guru") and Desmond Yoi ("Makeup Guru"), they are determined to share a wealth of experience and knowledge in an upbeat and creative style that will transform the way models model and reinvent the way makeup artists makeup.

Benjamin Toong, Amber Chia (Principle), Desmond Yoi

With Gillian Hung & Dato Jimmy Choo

The Amber Chia Academy offers 3 courses -
1) For you girls & guys who are 5' 8" and above and are interested in professional modelling then the Extreme Modelling course is for you. Students will be trained to become professional runway models and will also be ready for commercials and videography.

2) What about those who don't really want to pursue modelling as a career but is interested in grooming? Then Image Modelling is your choice. Students will be taught a lil bit of runway with emphasis on image enhancement, how to carry themselves in public or at an event and public speaking.

3) And for those who lurv creating works of art and want to push the boundaries when it comes to makeup, the academy offers a professional makeup course which could take between 1 week-6 months.

Makeup by Office

*thinks* Maybe I should consider the makeup course since everytime I attempt eye makeup, I end up looking like Po the Panda.. lol!

Models who have completed the course and is viewed with having potential will get a chance to participate in the New York fashion week!! All expense paid by the way! How cool is that! The Academy is also hopeful in finding Malaysia's next supermodel. It could be you! *Being 5'4" can be so depressing sometimes..*

Modelling course : Range from RM1,688 to RM3,888
Makeup course : Begins at RM699

Future Plans?
Even before the launch, Amber Chia Academy has been offered a franchise.  An offer that's hard to resist, they are definitely thinking about it. There has also been talks on sponsoring a reality show around end of this year to early next year. Wait for it.

The launch was followed by a party for celebrities, members of the media and also specially invited guests. Spotted at the party were Dato Jimmy Choo, Dato Anna Lim, Daphne Iking, Dennis Lau, Gillian Hung, Ning Baizura, Daniel Tan, Jojo Goh, Kelly Jagan and more.

The party continued into the evening!

Purple arrow: chocolatecatsz!! *winks*

To find out more:

Open Day is on 14th & 15th August 2010 (Sat & Sun)
10am - 4pm

Amber Chia on facebook

Amber Chia Academy
B-23-6 Jaya One
72A Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7960 8010

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  1. nice!!!!!!! so regretted i could not follow u go!!! she's really pretty.. even when preggersZ! i wonder if its twins?

  2. i think if you were there, we would've gone wild! lol

    she was preggers and in heels! amazing! we'll have to wait and see if it twins.. ;)

  3. She's pregnant with a baby boy... FYI...

  4. wow! 1st boy! he'll bring really good luck!

  5. She is really pretty with red dress even she pregnant.

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