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Contest! - Estée Lauder Most Pleasurable Pose

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Do I see eyes wide open already!! Lol! I know you guys are always up for a contest right. So here it is..

Estée Lauder will be organising a contest in conjunction with the launch of the New Pleasures Bloom.

Where: Isetan KLCC from Aug 27th – Sept 1st

It's Free! All you have to do is get a new online look and photo plus join the Estée Lauder Most Pleasurable Pose Contest!

Just pose with the New Pleasures Bloom

Capture life’s simple pleasures with New Pleasures Bloom and stand a chance to win an Estée Lauder Ultimate Beauty Hamper!
In case you guys need ideas.. :)

Enjoy a free 2-minute Estée Lauder makeover, strike your most pleasurable pose with the New Pleasures Bloom fragrance bottle, and stand a chance to be a winner! Your photo will be posted on the Estée Lauder Facebook Fanpage for voting and the top 10 “ Most Likes” will win an Estée Lauder Ultimate Beauty Hamper worth over RM1,500 each, which includes:

o 3 months supply of Estée Lauder skincare, worth RM1,000
o 3 Facial Treatments at Estée Lauder Skincare Cabine at Isetan KLCC, worth RM384
o 3 Eye Brow Trimming Sessions at Estée Lauder Isetan KLCC, worth RM150.

Yeap, another "Like" contest. The Ultimate Beauty Hamper is tempting though! Oh go on, get your pictures taken, bring your girlfriends along.. :)

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  1. So nice the prizes..but vote again....

  2. lol! yeah vote again.. more sleepless nights.. :P

  3. Fatin, yes sleepless night, hope won't become a nightmare!! lol!!

  4. no.. i don't want to join another like contest.....

  5. well lets just go and take pictures then..

    the background is so purrtyy!!

  6. wow hamper looks tempting.. but like contest again?!!


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