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Estée Lauder NEW Pleasures Bloom

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Capture the Joy of Life's Simple Pleasures with a New, Luscious Fruity Floral Fragrance

Estée Lauder's Pleasures Bloom represents a more playful, contemporary expression of the original, iconic concept of the original pleasures fragrance. It's a fruity floral frangrance which embodies the vibrancy and playfulness of the modern life with a blend of luscious fruits and colourful florals. This distinctly feminine scent adds energy, animation & colour to life!

Hillary Rhoda - Enjoying Life's Simple Pleasures

pleasure Bloom - The Frangrance
The frangrance opens with a fresh and playful, fruity blend. Breathe in a refreshing burst of sparkling, mouth-watering Grapefruit and ripe luscious Raspberry, while juicy Lychee adds an uplifting, yet modern feel to the delicate charm of Violet Flower.

Next, revel in the sumptuous harmony of a radiantly feminine heart as the body of the fragrance unfolds with colourful, vibrant florals of dewy Pink Peony, elegant Rose, intoxicating Jasmine, and the spicy intrigue of Green Lily.

A sensation of enveloping comfort, comes from the finish of soft, shimmering Musk blended with a touch of Patchouli and Creamy Vanilla for warm femininity.

Estée Lauder is keeping with the same silhouette as the original fragrance, but with a shiny metalised cap and a single Fuschia blooming bud adorning the bottle's neck. The exterior packaging features a bold floral print expressing the heart of this luscious, vibrant frangrance.

New pleasures bloom will be available at all Estée Lauder counters nationwide end of August 2010.

Retail Price: RM210 for 50ml EDP Spray and RM300 for 100ml EDP Spray.

If you like how the NEW pleasures sound like, be sure to try it out! Coz I'm definitely intrigued! ;)

There's also a contest for pleasures bloom!!

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