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Behind the Scenes: With Winnie Loo & WEVents

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WEVents definitely managed to get everyone excited in the run up to their latest event, "Gorgeous Hair for A Gorgeous You" with Winnie Loo, director and founder of A Cut Above Salons.

Three lucky registered guests were selected to get a hair makeover done by none other than the amazing Winnie Loo herself. The three lucky ladies whose identity were kept a secret before the big unveiling at the event were, Tammy @ Miu (a well-known blogger), Yunny Hasfaniza and Chin Xin Yi.

The Unveiling

I was phreaking excited when WEVents and Winnie gave me the green light to do a "Behind The Scenes" post! Which meant that I could be around throughout, to witness greatness at work and see the shocking transformations. 

It started at 3pm sharp with a hair consult with Winnie. There was one thing that all three ladies asked of Winnie, make them look slim! At first they were sceptical and didn't really know what to expect and played it rather safe, no one wanted to do a short look until one was daring enough to take the plunge and the rest said, "Lets do it too!".

Consult with Winnie

Still with their old looks

All that gone in just a few minutes

Xin Yi before

Winnie Loo's magic case

Tammy @ Miu

Fatin: Hey Tammy, how do you feel?
Tammy: *smiles* Nervous! Scared and not quite sure what Winnie is going to do to my hair.

The picture of nervousness

Meet Tammy, she's had long hair for 2 years and was just waiting for an oppurtunity to get a new look. Winnie initially suggested her hair to be cut about mid length with soft layers. Until the unexpected happened.. *enter shocking backgroud music*..

Tammy told Winnie to chop her length off! Winnie was soo excited that she didn't leave room for second thoughts and chopped it all off with my camera clicking away! Just by cutting the length, a fresh new look was already obvious. She worked her magic from there on..

Ready, set...

chop chop!

bye bye hair!

The scissors that made it happen

New look coming together

Winnie also decided to do a lil bit of a touch up with Tammy's roots which ended up with a hair colour to complete the makeover. Soo lucky!!

Someone's got new colour

That's starting to look like a creature of some sort

Tammy's hooked on this eye pose now.. lol!

A perfect side view
Yunny Hasfaniza
Fatin: How you feeling Yunny?
Yunny: Definitely excited. I'm eager to try something new and will just have to wait and see what happens.
Another gutsy lady.. Winnie was concerned at first with the fact that Yunny is getting married in December so suggested that Yunny keep her length with a wispy look. But eventually Yunny decided to try something different and cut off her length as well!
Since Yunny already had a short fringe that couldn't be changed, Winnie worked more on the length. She gave Yunny a bit of an angled look.

Winnie went quite short at the back

The length that was

Finishing up the sides
Yunny considers this makeover as an early wedding present to herself. *You go girl!!*
Xin Yi
Fatin: Tell me how you're feeling Xin Yi?
Xin Yi: I'm nervous and scared. (and she looked it.. *winks*)
Xin Yi came in with a short-ish one length hair style, a bit aunty-ish ;). Winnie suggested that she try a much shorter style which Xin Yi wasn't really sure about. I'm not sure how Winnie talked her into saying yes but it happened. (Where was I? Hmm..) Winnie did a Mod look on Xin Yi. One side was slightly longer to make it more interesting.

Check out the difference!

The back looks really nice

The Mod Look
Xin Yi at 20 years old ;)
Now this transformation really took years off Xin Yi despite her already being young.. ;)
During the whole process it was great listening to Winnie share her experience after being in the industry for 36 years. Believing in being hands on even with so much experience, she always encourages people to change their hairstyle and loves doing the transformations herself. According to Winnie she gets a lot of her male clients asking her to encourage their wives or girlfriends to change their hairstyle. It makes them feel like they're getting a new one! Lol!
I of course was dying to ask Winnie a question. Seemed to be the most logical thing to do a chance like this doesn't come around ever so often. ;p
Fatin's Question: What does it take for you to get to where you are now?
Here's what Winnie answered, "You have to be driven, you must have passion and never give up! You don't just maintain, you strive for more, to stay at the top. It's hard work but it's worth it, for the fame and the image. I'm a surgeon with scissors!" (An amazing one at that!)
About two and a half hours later, Winnie and her team did the finishing touches on the ladies and VIOLA.. each one with gorgeous new looks!!

Winnie's Creations
I gleefully asked: How do you guys feel??
Tammy: I feel HOT! SEXY! I feel like wearing leather and crawl like a cat on the floor! (I'm not making this up, she really said this.. lol!)
Yunny: New, Fresh, Younger! (Expecting wedding invite for this.. :P)
Xin Yi: I can't believe it! I feel confident and I feel like sharing this experience with everyone. Eventhough I was afraid at first, I must try it at least once. *huge smiles from Xin Yi*
This was a wonderful experience even for me. Just being there watching Winnie Loo creating works of art was such an honour and a treat. She's just brilliant!
An hour left before the event started, the ladies went off to touch up their makeups, buy a new outfit and do a lil shopping. Want to know what happened at the event itself, stay tuned.. there's more. :)
Thanx loads Winnie Loo and WEVents for letting me be apart of this! *beaming smile*

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  1. love your post and writing style.. u go girl.. u made this interesting n fun to read!!!!!! i can't believe it. U cram all that down to the juiciest of all info! good body work.. bravo.. i think u're a reporter type blogger now!

  2. great stuff fatin!! i couldn't recognize tammy when i saw her yesterday before the event...she look so pweettyyyyyyyyy!! plus the top & pants tat she was wearing...perfect!! :)

  3. I like Tammy her new hair style ! looks so great ! Wild cat mama ! lol ... XD

    Fatin you're such a great reporter ! haha...

  4. WOW! You are the only one who got all those juicy backstage news!
    COOL! a very good post indeed!

  5. great blog. u have this so exclusively and i love it! good job, my dear!

  6. Totally agree with wat Tammy said on ur post! Keep it up! :)

  7. Such great changes!!

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    Good write up for the "behind the scene"! =] Keep it up


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