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WEVents: Gorgeous Hair for a Gorgeous You

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After being at A Cut Above for a bit over 2 hours watching in awe at Winnie Loo's prolific talent, I waddled over to Zouk Cafe @ The Gardens to see whats happening there for the event itself.

Guests started coming in about 630pm. Just in time for food to be served. A nice spread on the buffet table.

Then it was time to introduce Winnie Loo! Yayyy!! Winnie emphasised on how important a good hairstyle is. A certain hairstyle should be chosen according to face shape, hair texture and whether you're daring enough to try a style that could give you that "Wow!" effect. And colour is another important thing, yeah there's been talk/studies saying that it could be cancerous but Winnie says otherwise. So if you want to colour you hair, just go ahead and do it! You may want to consider L'Oréal Professionnel's new hair colour using the latest technology, Innovation No Ammonia (INOA) for sensitive scalp. Winnie has a saying when it came to colouring hair and its possible cancerous effects, "If you are to die young, then better die beautiful". (I'm all for this!)

Next, spotlight on Tammy @ Miu, Yunny and Xin Yi with their gorgeous new hairstyles. Winnie showed how they could play around with their looks just by styling it. Experiment. Be it with hairspray, styling clay or any other products to create different effects. Read about Tammy @ Miu's experience in getting a hair makeover here.

Tammy @ Miu


Xin Yi

Extreme init! Definitely gorgeous!

Apart from the Q&A session, Winnie shared some tips with the ladies.
Tip 1: Go for a trim every 6 weeks.
Tip 2: For a round shaped face, don't attempt a one length bob with a full fringe.
Tip 3: To soften a triangle shaped face, try a fringe.
Tip 4: For a long shaped face, don't do a straight rebonding.
Tip 5: To smoothen out frizz prone hair, try A Cut Above's latest Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. (I should give this a go to smoothen out my headfull of fluff instead of having to blowdry it so often. Or I could just change my name to Fluff-tin! Lol!!)

A special mention
Winnie Loo has been invited to be in residence backstage at the New York Fashion week this coming September! The first Malaysian ever to be invited. A feat any hairstylist could only dream to achieve. Not only has she made Malaysia proud, this surely should be the catalyst to spur Malaysian Women to strive for nothing but the best. She is truly an inspiration!  

Winnie Loo & Jeanisha Wan

Thanx to the sponsors for making this event possible. It's been exciting and am looking forward to what WEVents has in store for us next!

The Committee that made it happen

Bottom picture taken from WEVents facebook album.

A Lil Caution: Don't hold your stylist liable for a wrong haircut or style! *winks* (Besides, it's hair, it'll grow. So go ahead and try something different. You might just get asked out on a date by that hot guy over there. Lol!)

If you've missed my exclusive Behind the Scene on the makeover with Winnie Loo click here.

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  1. your post is always full with details!
    I noted that you wrote down the tips when Winnie talking during the event! A hardworking blogger (more like a reporter! lol)..

  2. jean i'm beginning to think all that detail is getting to be a bit boring.. lol!

    i'm gonna spice it up a lil! ;)


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