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Random Strangeness : 5 Food Stops in 2 Hours!

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Food Spree Yesterday for Dinner!! I started at 7.25pm with Subway @ Pavilion. Had a Subway Melt. It really did have that melt in the mouth experience.

Errkk.. it's icky Meatballs Wednesday..
No Sub of the Day for me then..

Subway Melt *droolzz~*
*It vanished by the time I realised I hadn't taken a picture of it..
was starving! lol..*
A healthy choice :)

Sliced turkey breast, turkey ham, beef bacon and melted cheese. 
(Nutritional Info: 6" Sub values include wheat bread, cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers and onions. Serving Size (g) 251 ; Energy (kJ) 1449 ; Energy (kcal) 346)

Then I decided to stop by Pacific Coffee Company since I've never tried it before. It's at Lot No. 2.75.00, Level 2, Pavilion. Hmm.. how can I put this nicely, the food was just edible. But the cakes were buy 1 get 1 free when I got there. Not sure if its a normal thing, so for RM12.90 you get 2 slices of cake. Which means if you ordered 4 slices, you'd end up with a whole cake for half the price! Talk about value for money.

Ethiopian Mocha & Choco Coco Mania
*no mania goin on there..*

Vanilla Butterscotch - RM12.90
This was actually not too bad.. The sponge was still moist..

Blueberry Cheesecake - RM12.90

Chicken Cheese Pesto Sandwich - RM7.90

Since I wasn't really satisfied with what I had there. I decided to make a stop at Starbucks, not before buying some yummies at The Loaf.

RM28.15 worth of yummies!

A tall Caramel Hot Chocolate always makes me smile.. *sigh* (RM11.55)

My satisfied-sleepie look
I looked more sleepie though..
*Yet it's 2am and I'm still up typing this post!*

And to celebrate the Mooncake Festival I decided to try one of Tai Thong's new flavours. But it wouldn't be complete without my usual Lotus & Red Bean Paste, so I'm gonna get those next. Didn't want to buy all at once, coz then at least it leaves me with some satisfaction for my next food shopping spree over the weekend. *winksz*

Charcoal Infused Mocha Milk Tea - RM13.20

With my 2 hours worth of food..
Half of which is sitting prettie in my tummie..
bonkers I tell you..!

And look who I met on the way back, Michelle and her boyfriend, who made a quick yet sly getaway. The boyfriend,  not her.. lol.

2 Hours and 5 food stops later it was time to head home! Chomp chomp when I get home.. ;)

Did I get here by car? Hmm..

Strangeness at its best.. :P

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  1. Makes me want to eat now! And it's like midnight!

  2. the last bit... you make me laugh, u can't remember how u get there haha...


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