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Give me Dolly Lashes with Max Factor

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I've never really had issues with my lashes. I've never owned a curler until I was given one about a few months back *still sitting pretty & unused in the box :P*. Given, that my lashes are naturally curled and slightly long. But I've always had a thing for mascaras. It's one of those must haves products that can open up my small sleepy eyes instantly. Okay, I can use falsies to make it easier but I'm terrible at putting them on *fear that it might dangle down half way while I'm walking around if I didn't put it on right*.

Enter Max Factor False Lash Effect! 
I found the Max Factor counter while walking through Isetan, Lot 10 with Miu. The short-lived surprise quickly turned into excitement. Lol! We tried on almost everything there. But both agreed that we had to have the False Effect Lashes! Alright I needed some convincing since I already have a few. Long story short, we bought quite a few things! Read Miu's review here.

Credit to Miu for this photo :)
Trying out mascara at Isetan, Lot 10 counter

Max Factor False Lash Effect gives you big, thick, full, long lashes. It makes you look as if you're wearing falsies *hence the name*. Pat McGrath, an established makeup artists in charge of Max Factor used the False Effect Lash backstage during Milan Fashion Week in October 2007 and February 2008. *could this work wonders?*

I got it in Black Waterproof

Yeah notice the tube! Looks like it could last you half a year. But since mascaras dry up quite fast and you're suppose to chuck it after 3 months, it doesnt really matter how long it'll last.

But what I found slightly scary was the huge brush at the end of the wand when I took it out of the tube. The Big Brush has been created with patented, thermoplastic elastomer technology and contains 50% more bristles. It coats more of each lash, volumise with every sweep and separates for a natural-looking lift & volume.  It coats from root to tip, giving you a 100% impact!!

Trust me to compare the size to lipbalms ~
As the bristles on the brush is dense it holds a lot more product and is able to coat each lash fully & evenly. Despite it's density, it glides on smoothly.

The silver tube is one of my faves! See the difference in size.


1st Coat

The difference in length is obvious even with 1 coat

2nd Coat

Not only has it lengthen, I can see slight volume and the lash separates with ease.

Up til the 2nd coat it looks natural and really opens up my eyes. Though I find that it lengthens more than it volumises. I also find it quite difficult to get it into the corner lashes with the big brush. Applying with the tip tend to cause clumping. So I had to comb out the clumps with a small brush.

Difficult to manoeuvre the brush at the corners
It's as big as my eye! :P

3rd Coat

Being curious I applied a 3rd coat. Lol! But as you can see it started looking a bit stiff, unnatural and a tad bit phreakish. I would stop at 2 *winks*.

I applied to the bottom lash as well

Unless you fancy looking a bit spidery then I say don't do it! ;)

I quite like this mascara. It doesn't smudge and I don't find any mascara bits dropping off. The only problem I have with it is the huge brush. I would still use it though coz I like the way my eyes actually look awake! 

L-R: Before, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Coats

False Lash Effect Mascara has undergone an extensive programme of safety testing. It is ophthalmologically tested, fragrance free and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara retails at RM66

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  1. this post KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so EXTENSIVE ON THE PHOTOS OF the first-3rd coats! i love it!!! u r mascara queen Fatin!!!!

    why nobody bring me to this??
    I need long and curl lashes! Fatin, GIVE ME MY MAX FACTOR!!!!!

  3. u made me wanan buy tis!! Looks very natural and long n curvy. It doesn't smudge rite??

  4. when i saw the counter in parkson 1 Utama, i thought their packaging looked a little too similar to Revlon. but you really got my attention there with the effect of the mascara. pretty intense, ya?

  5. Hi there, just passing through websites and websites of beauty bloggers :) I am a big fan of Max Factor and only get them when I go on holidays at destinations where they do sell these. Max Factor products what can I say..they totally do live up to their product name like their Lipfinity for example :)

    Isetan Lot 10 has a Max Factor counter? Now how come I missed THAT when I was there! Eeps i got to go there tomorrow. Cheers!

  6. Wow amazing mascara and you have really pretty eyes. Just found your blog, glad that I did!

  7. ooooooo harusla beli!!!!!!

    i know i'm late on commenting on this post but... hey better late than never kan kan kan.


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