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The Body Shop Flagship Store @ Fahrenheit 88

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It was a gorgeously surreal sight yesterday!! I felt like I was on the set of Avatar at the Hometree! But instead, a Dream Tree greeted guests at the main entrance of Fahrenheit 88! *No there wasn't any ten foot tall Na'vis running around* Decorated with swaying purple ribbons, beautiful flower arrangements and a harpist, it was fairytale-like.

The Great Dream Tree
"Where Dreams Come True"

Photo courtesy of The Body Shop
The Body Shops's largest & most innovative store at RM1.3 million in the heart of KL
It features a makeup station, Activist Corner & a mini pantry

To stay true to its commitment to always give back to the community and help preserve nature, The Body Shop presented cheques to various NGOs from the sales of fund-raising items throughout the store, nationwide and over a year long period. A sum of more than RM100,000 was given out to The Malaysian Nature Society, Women's Aid Organisation, Sisters in Islam, Tenaganita, Nursalam, PS the Children and PT Foundation.

Sarimah - A welcoming MC

Datin Mina Cheah-Foong
Managing Director of The Body Shop

Special mention to Tenaganita. The work they have been doing is inspirational. Being attached to Tenaganita previously, made me appreciate and understand their efforts loads more. Irene Fernandez and the staff at Tenaganita have done a remarkable job!

The Official Opening of The Body Shop's Flagship Store

Shopping for a good cause

Guests were entertained with an awesome group of percusionists that stepped up the beat of the party! And the endless flow of food, curious green mocktails and champagne were definitely a hit.

A model filling the air with Dreams Unlimited

Then there was Jack. There was a long wait to get your caricature drawn by him. The strangest part was he kinda knew what each person was like or what they like. Didn't really understand mine though.. He drew me in a dress!! I hardly ever wear dresses. Hmm.. maybe thats why.. I dare say it looked like me though.*smiles* There was also Tarot Card reading, but I'm not really into it so didn't go.

I was trying so hard not to laugh :P

Since RM88 voucher was given to the first 30 facebook fans who RSV-ed, naturally I went shopping somewhere in between. Upon paying for the goodies with the voucher, I was handed a doorgift. Didn't expect it. TBS, you guys just know the way to your fans' hearts! *sigh*

The opening was also to celebrate the launch of The Body Shop's latest Eau De Parfum - Dreams Unlimited. I personally quite fancied the scent. Will talk more about it in my next post!

Believe it or not, I was there with Miu, Wing, Jean, Kenby & Vina til the staff started taking down the decor. I guess we just lost track of time coz we were having so much fun!!

We exchanged Shower Gel & Lotion.. lol!
Thanx Miu!! *hugzz*

With Vinz

Wing, Jean & Vina

Miu, Vina, Kenby, Wing & Alfie

Congratulations The Body Shop and thanx loads for an incredible evening!! :)

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  1. where's the cable to connect to each other?! hahahahah avatar! rocks! nice post fatin :D lotsa nice pics.. omg the dream tree is so gorgeous!!

  2. hahaha! was wondering what cable.. thanx miu!

    wait was it the Dream Tree? i got confused!

  3. I'll spent my times at there in another trip when i visit Malaysia someday.


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