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Baviphat in KL

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안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)! Hello from Korea!
Reintroducing to you Baviphat

I'm pretty sure you guys have heard or know of this Korean brand by now. Yeah it's the one with a huge photo of Beyonce under its name in Parkson outlets. After launching in Korea only 2 years ago, it now has 50 stores nationwide and the number is still growing. Their full store in Myeong-dong (Korea's trendiest shopping area) is really raking in sales. This Korean brand is slowly making its way into other Asian countries - Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and soon to open a store in Vietnam. They've been in Malaysia since late May 2010. Actually I did a short post on Baviphat and the Apple Jelly Lip Scrub (not forgetting my curls.. :P) a few months back. Read here.

*Photo Courtesy of Miu*
With Fiona, CEO of Baviphat and Miu @ plusizekitten

Baviphat emphasises on Skin Care. According to Fiona, CEO of Baviphat, it is important to use the right products to cleanse and repair the skin. It focuses on long term use to achieve healthier and younger looking skin. *any one for looking years younger.. hands up*

The products uses only natural ingredients and organic formulations from fruits and plant extracts. Yeah I know what you're thinking.. it must come with a ridiculous price tag. But guess what here's something natural & organic at an affordable price! And the selling point for me is the super cute & stylish packaging! They either come in fruit-shaped containers or with pretty lables. *talk about being easyy.. lol*

Star Products

Baviphat has various types of masks and scrubs depending on your skin concern

Mango Brightening Mask! It's a "3 minute magic". It sold 1 million peices in Korea last year. Once applied, the mask will make microscopic oxygen bubbles to purify the skin by removing dirt clogged in the pores, immediately revealing brighter skin. It retails for RM49.90.

It's not really obvious in the photo but I could see my skin half a shade lighter after wipping off the mask

Strawberry Toxifying Mask
[Detoxifying + Pore Tightening]
Purifies skin and tightens pores

Peach All In One Peeling Gel
[Exfoliation + Pore Care + Brightening]
Contains peach extracts with an abundance of vit-C to make skin white & more resilient

Paprika Range (RM79.90)
Red - Trouble Out Toner : To soothe skin
Yellow - Pore Solution : Sebum Control
Green - Water Up : Hydrating
The Paprika range has three products each - Toner, Emulsion & Essence

Facial Foam depending on skin type
Great for cleansing in the morning

Must try products

(From Left - Right)
Black Head Goodbye Clean Wash, Two Times BB Deep Cleansing Oil, Mangosteen Skin Clear Peeling Toner

Black Head Goodbye Clean Wash (RM39.90) There's a cat on the bottle!! *Is it waving?? Lol* Just spray on cotton and apply it on your nose and after 10-15 minns, the black heads just comes out. Long- term use will help tighten and shrink pore size. *Curious if this could actually be in the runnnig to slove by black head issues*

Two Times BB Deep Cleansing Oil  (RM39.90)- Fiona uses this herself and she highly recommends this product. Its slightly watery in texture and it's not greasy . Simply massage for 1 min to dissolve make up and wipe off with tissue. It also gets rid of those dead skin cells. You'll feel very fresh right after. Follow up with cleansing foam. I'm pretty ok with double cleansing but it really depends on you.

Mangosteen Skin Clear Peeling Toner (RM45.90)- Good for removing dead skin cells. It has a very light texture.

Eye Creams

Dark Circle Eye Cream (Yellow tube: RM49.90) - You can see instant results. If you're wondering if I've tried it, the answer is no. But the promise of "instant results" always makes me hope that it really works. I'll you know if I see a difference if I decide to try out this product since my dar circle is making me look zombie-like.

BB Cream (L) & Primer Fix (R) (RM59.90)
BB Cream - It has a light texture with good coverage.
BB Primer Fix has a pearly finish and is great to brighten up the skin. It can be worn alone or under BB Cream.

Baviphat also has its range of makeup apart from the BB Cream. It comes in pretty packaging too!

This colour is very popular in Korea!
Now if I can only remember the name.. sorry guys, will update it when I remember..

Baviphat is currently having a promotion for their Masks & Scrubs.
Any 1 fruit mask + Any 1 Paprika essence = RM89.90 (NP RM129.80)

Just drop by the Baviphat counters at Parkson outlets - Pavilion, Sungei Wang, Pyramid, Subang Parade to find out more and try out their products. You might just like something. *winks*

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