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Winner(s) for Chocolate Cats' First Birthday Giveaway!!

By 12:12

Thanx loads guys for being fun, creative & strange!! The panel of judges & I had a good laugh going through the entries.

Kept you guys waiting longs enough.. Wait! Don't scroll down yet.. lol! I know I said there will be only 1 winner but I didn't realise I would hit the 100 mark by the time the giveaway ended. So to jointly celebrate my 100th follower mark, there will be 3 (THREE) winners! After deliberating with Bobby, Juicy & Crunchie, here they are:


1st Prize : Cindy

Photo A
Bobby: juicy, kiss me.. :">
Juicy: miang betul, dun u know now is ramadan month?? @@
Bobby: then i wait until hari raya lah! :( nvm,countdown 4days..:)
crazy monday with a crazy idea..alah, clap lah!! *_~

2nd Prize : Ai Leen

Photo A
BOBBY: (*chomp*)(*chomp*) I need to get a real job Juicy. Doing your nails all day is'nt fun anymore
JUICY: okaaayy... and what would that be??
BOBBY: There's lots i can be... I know! A.. A.... A .. Cat! Yeah!
JUICY: (=_=") *faint*

3rd Prize : Harim

Photo B
Garfield: Can you get me more Starbucks black coffee, you drank all mine and I am still sleepy
Fatin: Wait until all the photographers go home lah garf-ling. I need your coffee for this occasion here.Plus, I look all set and pwetty today, don't ruin my moment ;)

Thanx again to everyone, you guys have been awesome!! *Did i hear someone ask if there's gonna be anymore giveaways.. of course!! lol* Hint: Look out for mistletoes! *wink wink*

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  1. Congratz!!

  2. I WIN?????? huh...breath breath!! yesterday sick..vomit + stomach pain nak pengsan!!
    surprise me... muaksss fatin!! i love u!!


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