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Dreams Unlimited - The Body Shops Latest Fragrance

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When you dare to dream, the possibilities are endless!

"Whatever you can do, or dream, you can begin it" - Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

The Body Shop launched Dreams Unlimited the same day they had the official opening of the flagship store at Fahrenheit 88 last week (click to read). It was the perfect time - people were having fun, lovely atmosphere and the Dream Tree was filled with lots & lots of hope!

Colours to compliment the range

A model wearing a similar dress as the original model in the poster

It took a year for Dreams Unlimited Eau de Parfum to be realised. Created by two of the world's finest noses, Loc Dong (the first Asian fine fragrance perfumer) & Anne Flipo (a highly experiences French perfumer). They fused their cultures & areas of specialisation - greens & florals - to craft this beautiful scent.

The Scent

Top Notes - It opens with a fresh & exuberant burst of zesty mandarin fused with bright blackcurrant and crisp green chilli.

Heart Notes - Delicate & feminine orange blossom mingles with refreshing aquatic flowers to give the perfume an endless, limitless quality.

Base Notes - A soft & sensual feminine drydown of soft iris & vibrant cedarwood.

Overall experience : One of optimism & joy, allowing the wearer to have self-belief in their dreams.

The packaging

One word comes to mind when I saw the bottle. Elegant! It's simple & sleek. And I lurv the colours The Body Shop chose to represent this frangrance. The combination of purple and blue is strong yet calm. The design that rises from the base represents dreams floating to the sky. *sounds like I'm going to some secret garden in the clouds somewhere*

Feel-Good Factor: Community Fair Trade Organically Sourced Alcohol
Made from organic sugarcane from the remote Cotopaxi province of Ecuador, it helps the dreams of farmers & families more achievable just like yours.

My Experience

Beautiful!! It has this medium intensity that I quite fancy. It's a lil bit flirty, definitely makes me feel floaty and fresh. *enter prince charming to sweep me off my feet.. sigh* Though I thought it smelled a lot more floral coz my nose couldn't really catch the mandarin & green chilli scent *there's a reason why I'm not a*

The Range

Photo Courtesy of The Body Shop

Eau de Parfum (available since 28/09/10) - RM115 (50ml)
Body Wash - RM45 (200ml)
Body Lotion - RM55 (200ml)

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