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Bouncy & Healthy Hair With Pantene

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Fancy having bouncy, shiny yet healthy hair that looks like you just walked out of the salon, everyday.. *sigh*

With Pantene's New Improved Recharging Fluid Pro-V Formula Range it might just be possible! *grinss* "Total Hair Transformation in 14 Days" - Now doesn't that make you a lil bit curious.. ;) I sure am! I've noticed for the past few years I seem to use more styling products and tools for my hair. I blow dry every few days & resort to the more than occasional iron, which has eventually made my frizzy, curly, ridiculously unmanageable *especially when its in a bad mood* hair frizzier, drier, lack lustre and more split ends.

Pantene's latest  launch came at the right time as my hair issues have been terribly annoying me lately *apart from my blackheads problem of course.. lol*.

The latest New Improved Range includes - Pantene Hair Fall Control,  Pantene Smooth & Silky and Pantene Total Cair. Pro-Vitamin B5 is the key to addressing hair fall, split ends and roughness and tangles in hair.

Hair Fall Control
Designed to strengthen hair from roots to tips, to give you strong hair and noticeably less hair fall due to breakage.

Smooth & Silk
Provides superior conditioning benefits that gives hair its smooth & healthy appearance.

Pantene Total Care addresses the 7 signs of hair damage: split ends, dryness, roughness, dullness, weakness, brittleness and tangles. Ths range particularly protects your hair against split ends. The improved wet conditioning prevents tangles & breakage while the dry conditioning allows you to comb through with ease, protecting the cuticle from splitting due to friction and damaged cuticle.

Total Care

I had a chance to try out the Total Care range at Pantene's recent launch, Makeover & Tea Party session held at Hair Atelier, Jaya One. What better place than a hair salon right..

Hair Atelier

Before Total Care - Limp, dull..
*Someone else was watching! Soo embarassing!!*

Total Care range

♥ Caramel Hot Choc ♥

*I was led to a dim back room ..* lol!! No.. seriously.. The stylist started with Total Care Shampoo along with a mini scalp masage. Ooh the smell...! It was wonderfully fruity and fresh!! After rinsing, on went the conditioner, also with the same fruity scent. Then came the Intensive Treatment which is like a mask. After applying the thick cream-like treatment, my hair was wrapped with a towel and left to soak in all that vitamins for about 5 mins. As I was about to doze off, it was time to rinse. The hair wash area filled with yummy fruity scent again!! *sigh* And I can't help but notice that my scalp felt fresh & clean by then.

I suppose I can't really run away from this but after all that intensive treatment  it should be able to withstand it.. blowdry!! My hair felt really soft, light and smelled really nice. And no FRIZZ! The shiny-ness could be from the blowdrying but my hair felt really good! But to get better results I'll have to continue using it for 14 days.. or longer, since I don't wash my hair everyday. *yeah go ahead.. ickkyy! :p*

After Pantene Total Care
Doesn't my hair looks soft & shiny! :)

I was suppose to have a "Splash of Gold" on me:
Hair Band that you can't really see & the pin on the Pink Ribbon (does that count..?)
Support BCA!!

Already had my make up done by then..

A makeover is incomplete without makeup and nails!! Girly pampering! Don't we girls just lurv this. *winks* The only thing missing were super sexy guys going around serving drinks & munchies. *thinking longingly of Milo Ventimiglia (that guy from Heroes).. ^^*

Light subtle make up for a natural look :)

I chose purple! But I forgot the name.. ~

Cuppacakes by Wondermilk

Gorgeous looking hair + Caramel Hot Choc + Cupcake =
A very very happy FatiN! ;)

Pantene Total Care was a wonderful experience!!

To find out latest happenings from Procter & Gamble brands click me.

You can get Pantene's New Improved Range at Guardian and Watson outlets.

Shampoo : RM9.30 - 180ml / RM14.90 - 350ml
Conditioner : RM9.30 - 180ml / RM14.90 - 350ml
Treatment :
3-minute Miracle (3 tubes x 15ml) - RM17.85
Night Miracle                              - RM17.90
Treatment (Jar):
Hair Fall Control, Smooth & Silky, Total Care
RM14.90 - 135ml/RM19.30 - 300ml

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