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MiFa/Glam Paris Photoshoot - Day 1

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I was super excited waiting for this trip, I couldn't really sleep on my 13 hour flight. But then again, I can never really sleep on such long flights. By the time I landed at Charles De Gaulle with the Glam Magazine team, I was freezing my boney backside off but was looking forward to the day. *My flight landed at about 6am Parisian time and as we landed the Captain gleefully announced the ground temprature is 0 degrees!! What the?!? What happened to end of winter??*

My hopes to getting a lil bit of rest at the hotel quickly vanished as the Glam team wanted to scout around for locations for the shoot with Miss Malaysia/Universe, Deborah Henry as soon as possible after a lightning breakfast.

The scouting around part really takes out the whole "glam" idea of a photoshoot because we walked for hours, even forgetting about lunch until we finally stopped to crepes only to continue soon after.

Ended the day with group dinner and a Klucthed event by Air Asia. Now that was a bit of a strange one, hence why I have not photos of it. That's it for Day One, Day Two will be a hectice one coz the outdoor photoshoot will be on for the whole day. :)

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  1. wah!!! so nice. im so jealous

  2. Take care my dear! Wait for more updates!! =)

  3. Enjoy the romance in Paris, buy more longchamp...

  4. U're so lucky! Bestnyaaa!

    Copp macam mana u dapat ikut skali?

  5. oh how i miss paris.. anyway congrats again! :)

  6. Green eye monster21 March 2011 at 17:31

    I was in certain parts of France for the longest time but I did not manage to go to Paris! Aaaaaaargh! So envious of you! Glad you are having fun by the way :)

  7. WOW! Lucky you! Great pictures :)



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