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Brush With Fashion: Paired Up!!

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They were paired up on Thursday and it's already looking amazing!! The Body Shop MAs and PJCAD Fashion Design Students didn't get to choose their partners but it looks like they were made to be together.

With Vinz Sebastian TBS Head Make-up Trainer (L) & ES Azrin JCAD Head of Fashion Design (R)

The Body Shop Finalists

The PJCAD Finalists

While the pairs were busy discussing their game plan I was busy wondering about checking out the sketches by the PJCAD students. The sketches are based on an environmental theme. They really are a talented bunch! I can't wait to see what the pairs will come up with.

Emma (TBS) & Felicia Tan (PJCAD)

Inspiration: Tying Into Colours

Irfan (TBS) & Mohd Nizam (PJCAD)

Inspiration: The Bird of Paradise

Jonathan (TBS) & Leong Bee Hong (PJCAD)

Inspiration: Nature & Love

Lynda (TBS) & Rachel Thomas Dulis

Inspiraton: Sand

Nicolle (TBS) & Yoong Lee Kian (PJCAD

Inspiration: Reusing Nature

Renee/Chin Siew Nee (TBS) & Hariharan a/l Arasu

Inspiration: Water Pollution

Sally (TBS) & Pang Jia Ying (PJCAD)

Inspiration: Global Warming

Siew Wern (TBS) & Khidmah (PJCAD)

Inspiration: Global Warming

Suphin (TBS) & Catherine Koh (PJCAD)

Inspiration: Man-made & Natural

Ng Geok Ting (TBS) & Kelvin Eng

Inspiration: Earth

Oh wait.. time to pick the models! The students rushed to the front to get a strategic spot for name-grabbing. It was over in less than 1 second! Since the models wouldn't be able to make it for fitting the students were given the measurements of their models.

The Prize
For The Body Shop Make-up Artist : A place in The Body Shop regional competition
For PJCAD Fashion Design Student : Bursary for their course fees

It can't get any cooler than this!!

But the only way they can win is if you guys VOTE for them. To VOTE for The Body Shop Finalists go to To VOTE for PJCAD Finalists go to Just click on the "Vote" button for your favourites. By casting your votes you will stand a chance to win 2 (two) tickets to the Brush With Fashion Finale. So quick get clicking!

I will be giving away two(2) invites to my followers/readers starting next week to join me at the Brush With Fashion Finale which will be held at the Pavilion Centre Court on 9th April 2011. Stay tuned yaww!! *wink wink*

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  1. wow they are super talented n its gr8 to help them get a cert!!! malaysia have to invest on its people!!!

    xoxo elle

  2. Interesting...can't wait to see who the winners are!


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