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Brush With Fashion: Rehearsal @ PJCAD

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2 more weeks to go!! The first rehearsal was on Friday last week at PJCAD's badminton court. Yes I said badminton court. :P The finalists were briefed on what exactly was going to happen on the day itself. The badminton court was marked out to the size of the actual stage (without all the glam bits yet..) for the pairs to know their spot. Since the models were not around, PJCAD finalists stood in.

And there it was again - The Rush for Who Will be What Number! Lol!
Speed of light I tell you..

"The Stage"
As marked with masking tape..

Sorting out what numbers go where
And if you're by the side of the stage, try not to fall off okie.. :P

Finalists will have to hold hands/arm while walking out *aww.. chuckles*
Azrin of PJCAD demonstrates with Khidmah

And the Winner is...
Clap! Clap! Clap!

Candid shots: They're roarring to go!!

They may not be the models but they sure do know how to work it for the camera.. *winks*

Makeup - Done
Fashion - Done
Hair? - Finalists choosing hairstyles for their models..

The Prize
For The Body Shop Make-up Artist : A place in The Body Shop regional competition
For PJCAD Fashion Design Student : Bursary for their course fees

If you haven't voted yet, start clicking now! To VOTE for The Body Shop Finalists go to To VOTE for PJCAD Finalists go to Just click on the "Vote" button for your favourites. By casting your votes you will stand a chance to win 2 (two) tickets to the Brush With Fashion Finale!!

I will be giving away two(2) invites to my followers/readers starting this week to join me at the Brush With Fashion Finale which will be held at the Pavilion Centre Court on 9th April 2011. So don't go anywhere!

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