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MiFa/Glam Paris Photoshoot - Day 3

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Okie I really wanted to share with you guys my daily experience as it happened but I guess it was way too ambitious. Continuing where I left off..

As part of my prize I also won RM500 worth of MAC stuff. I brought a few along with me to jazz up my look since I couldn't really play around much with my outfits coz I was bundled up most of the time. Blame the temperature, 7 degrees even with sunny skies was a bit much too handle.

I've had breakfast sent to the room for the past 2 days and its been absolutely yummy. Hot chocolate with freshly baked croissants and baguettes plus butter and jam. Croissants and baguettes came from the bakery that was just next to the hotel. Soo soft and fluffyy!!!

The 3rd Day started quite early after my second cup of hot chocolate. The location was the Grand Palais. A simple yet a background that really stood out. Since we only had til about 1 pm to finish the shoot, everything was done at the speed of light.Which was a good thing coz I was crossing my fingers hoping to wander around Paris for a bit. Sneaky me.. *wink wink*

With brilliant photographer Bustamam

With Snips' Mike Loh

And it did.. over by about 1245pm. After a short interview with MiFa TV, (will post it up when its out :-P), we got back to the hotel to rest a bit and then I was off for a walk.

I'm really bad at rambling..

Afternoon walkabout next post.. :-)

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