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Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011

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Bimba & Lola is out with two themes for Spring/Summer 2011 - Tropical and Under The Sea. Tropical- incorporates the silhouette of the 50's and 70's with supersized shapes that make bold statements. Under The Sea- is inspired by looks and shapes created in the 1920's scorching through gorgeous earth tones that combines the sensual colour for a sophisticated silhouette.

Diana Koon, Marketing Director for Bimba & Lola Malaysia (L)
ALiza Elizabeth - Emcee (R)

There isn't anything that really makes a huge statement in this latest collection but it has the perfect combination of feminine prints, bright & pastel eye catching colours and great choices of fabrics like plumeti, tulle, silk gauzes and lace. You can see seashell, vegetation prints and animal motifs on tops, bottoms as well as dresses.

But what I really lurv are the bags!! Bags in classic styles complementing the Tropical theme and more soft and flexible bags for Under the Sea. Lurv the huge roomie ones. They come in either basic colours that match anything you wear or leafy prints for that relaxed look.

As for the shoes, this season's strappy and cork wedge featuring fruit and bird motifs were seen walking down the stage. Shoes made using die-cut suede, heels and lace-up adorned with a touch of crochet just screams girly sophistication.

Hmm.. do I need anymore bags? *droolszz*

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