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MiFa/Glam Paris Photoshoot - Day 2

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I don't even remember how water tastes like anymore. It has been hot chocolate all the way baby!! Now that's hot! Okie that sounds cheesy.. lol!

A full day of photoshoots! I was up and about by 6am and despite the fact that Deborah Henry arrived at the hotel about 9am, the shoot started within just a few hours. She was glammed up by Khir Khalid, celebrity make up artist and Mike Loh, President of Snips.

The photos will look absolutely fabulous as the brilliant Bustamam Mokhtar was behind the camera snapping away. You'll be able to see Deborah in the biggest names in fashion - Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Miu Miu and a few others.

Deborah was modelling Spring/Summer collections in a tempareture that was hardly 10 degrees! And I'm not talking about just one outfit, there were nine outfits. How she handled it was beyond me. Talk about being a true professional. Though I think at some point of time she started turning slightly purplish.

Can't really put up much photos but I just had to share a few. *sshhhh :p*

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  1. way to go girl !!!! enjoy urself to the fullest :) :)

  2. So much hot chocolate!!yummy

  3. can't wait to see the outcome!!!!


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