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Dessert In Style: Fudge and Feathered Chiffon

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I decided to do a 3 Day Project this week, Dessert In Style. It's just something fun really. Since I'm all into the sweet treats and also lurving fashion, I figured why not do a combined post. It could work. ;)

I wanted to say I was craving for something chocolatey.. but then again when am I ever not craving for chocolatey stuff. So I dropped by Godiva Cafe, torn at first between the Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and the Dark Chocolate Cake. But the ice cream swayed me. After the first bite though, it was obvious the Fudge Cake would have been better off without the ice cream. Liked the cake, rich and moist. The ice cream not so much, actually not at all. *lol* 

While indulging myself I wore a pretty chiffon top with feather prints I got from Caron Boutique last month. It's a tad big but I fell for the feather prints. It's by this eco friendly brand called Trinity. Post on Caron Boutique here.

And making an appearance is my latest fave, MAC Cremesheen Lickable *review* and one of my dumplings that insisted on being in the photo as well

Chiffon top with feather prints - Trinity from Caron Boutique
Cardie - Warehouse
Jeans - Levi's
Shoes - Converse

Bracelet - Forever 21, Bangkok

Rings - Forever 21

There you go a simple post with yummy dessert photos plus random ones. I'm finding this less taxing on my brain. Lol! Well, more yummy-ness tomorrow.. :)

Dessert In Style Day 2
Dessert In Style Day 3

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  1. URGH! THat looks so darn yummy x_X Like the ring~

  2. Lurve the cat! Looking forward to you next post!

  3. despite the chocolate overdose.. i still feel like eating chocolates.. lol

  4. iamnotadumpling: lol! be back tmrw ^^


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