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chocolates in the post

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One of the coolest things a chocolate freak could recieve in the post is an invitation made out of chocolate. Since we're in sunny humid Malaysia that's never going to happen unless it gets couriered over straight to your hands in an ice box, else you might be receiving an unattractive puddle of chocolate. So what's the next best thing, an invitation with a bottle of chocolates attached! *big smiles*

Made my day when I recieved a bottle of chocolates specifically picked out to represent the product that will be introduced here very soon. It's Clinique's Even Better Makeup that treats and prevents skin discolouration. Now tell me that doesn't intrigue you. The spotted chocolate represents the skin condition before whereas the smooth white chocolate represents what the skin will look like after continued use. Brilliantly thought of and I'm liking the sound of it. Will have more info for you guys real soon.

Now what could I possible do with a bottle of choccies? Well unscrew the bottle and enjoy them while typing this post. *chomp chomps* Like I said, one of the coolest!

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