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MAC Opulash Optimum Black

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The first brand new mascara out of the box for the brand new year, the latest from MAC - Opulash Optimum Black It contains a blend of silica plates of Mica and natural Kaolin which helps curl, give extra volume and lengthens. It also claims to last 15 hours! How's that for a challenge.

Launched in September last year, this new mascara is an intense black compared to the Opulash. I haven't tried the Opulash so I can't really compare the shades of black. So I compared it to one of my current black mascaras and it does appear to be a darker black. This mascara is also water resistant but can be easily removed with warm water. Curious that one is.

Optimum Black vs Normal Black

It comes in a sleek metal-like tube with a jumbo brush that made me cringe at the sight of it. The first thought that came to mind was how in the world am I going to get the mascara to the lashes at the corner of my eyes. And so the experiment began. No doubt that with such a huge brush and dense bristles, it's able to hold more product thereby evenly coating each lash while separating it. Which is great because clumping bits just don't look sexy.

Applying it to the middle of my eyes was easy but getting into the corners were impossible, not even with brush tip. I had to use a smaller mascara wand applicator to get it there.

Opulash Jumbo Brush vs One of my current mascara brush

With one coat my lashes look more defined and longer. My lashes look more distinct and a tad longer after the second coat. Despite the fact that the word 'Volume' being printed on the box, the Opulash Optimum Black shows no sign of volumizing my lashes, only defines and slightly lengthens. As for a more intense black, I can't really see the difference on my lashes. Looks like the usual black to me.

Boasting a 15 hour staying power which I can't vouch for as I only had it on for 8 hours, it did stay on the whole 8 hours without smudging. As I don't normally curl my lashes I can't say if it holds a curl well. I find this mascara a tad disappointing as I was really look forward to head turning thick looking lashes. But I suppose it works well for an everyday mascara if you're not looking for any drama. Though I could get a drugstore brand for half the price that works the same way. Hope you guys fare better with this one.

MAC Opulash Optimum Black retails for RM63 for an 11g tube.

Note: Product provided by Junipers Journal for review.

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