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My Getaway at the Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa: Part 1

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Just when I needed a break this came along. I received a wonderful surprise in my inbox, an invitation to experience what Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa has to offer. I heard about Golden Palm Tree when it first opened two years ago, the resort with villas sitting on a palm tree shaped base on the sea. Reminiscent of The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai but this one with a simple and clean design. I have always wanted to go for a visit but never got around to it until last weekend. I was looking forward to it ever since I hit the send button accepting the invitation and I was well excited!

A little bit about Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa first. Situated on the longest coastal paradise in Asia, 22 km of sandy beach and 17 km of riverine mangrove sanctuary, it offers so much for those looking for an escape for the city. It has 392 villas available in five disctinctive types. Depending on which villas you go for, it has high and exposed alang alang-alang roofing, tall wooden panelled glass doors which opens to a private deck. It has various dining choices serving local and international favourites. When it comes to activities, there's just too many things to do! Endless outdoor activities like watersports, beach sports, mangrove tour, the spa, things you can enjoy with friends and family. It's a a place that can thrill your senses as well as give you blissful relaxation. It is also a part of the Iconic Vacation Club (IVC) and RCI, more about this later.

Image courtesy of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa

Image courtesy of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa

The trip to Golden Palm Tree is about a 2 hour drive from KL, depending on how fast you drive but keep in mind drive safe. I was super excited by the time I reached the entrance. Greeted by staff dressed in either traditional or beachy outfits standing by the entrance, I couldn't wait to get the trip started. The reception was spacious and despite the heat, I could feel the wonderful sea breeze passing through. I was quickly served the signature thirst quenching lemon grass welcome drink which my photographer rather enjoyed. What I kept wondering was, where is this palm that I'm here to see?  After the check in I was whisked away by buggy to my room and there it was. I was travelling on the trunk of the palm on a buggy with rooms on either side and the sea view peaking through the space in between. So cool! I timed it, it takes about 1 minute to get from the lobby to the centre of the palm, which is 1.2km. 

My room was on the first stem, it was the Travellers Villa which is so cosy. It's well designed and cleverly thought off with quality furniture and finishings. It has a balcony where you can lounge around which over looks the sea. Nice!! Actually the shower was also overlooking the sea but that would mean you would be showering with an audience. I think I'll leave the blinds down.

Then the afternoon began.. a guided bicycle ride around the area with a small group. I haven't been on a bicycle in ages and I was keeping my fingers crossed I didn't fall off or head straight into a bush. That would be embarassing. *eekkk* The group stopped at a spot to admire a side view of the resort.

After an hour long ride, it was time for water sports. The thing was the weather was crazy hot and after the bike ride everyone in the group was feeling a tad drained. So instead I found a hammock and lazed around enjoying the sea breeze while watching some other people try their hand at windsurfing and kayaking. That was so relaxing!! Dreaming of that hammock right now. *sigh* Wished the weather was more forgiving though, would have loved to go kayaking or windsurfing.

But the Extreme Park pretty much made up for it. It's run by the same people as the Sunway Extreme Park but on a smaller scale. It had go karting, ATV ride, archery and paintball, none of which I have ever tried. Where have I been right? No better time to give everthing a try. I started with the ATV ride, which was so cool! The circuit is really very short and not really that challenging, more of a beginners course. Though I was hoping it would have been longer because I was having fun once I got the hang of it. *weee~* Archery is another one of those I have been wanting to try. Kevin Costner in Robin Hood comes to mind. Gosh I'm old. *shakes head*I got one bulleyes!! Considering it was my first time I was pleased with myself. Paintball for me however was a bit all over the place but exciting nonetheless. Last on the list, go-kart. Sorry go kart but I think the ATV stole my heart. Don't worry if you are walking around in your flip flops, they have shoes you can change into for the ATV and go karting.

Now there was one thing that I really wanted to do at Golden Palm Tree. If you are thinking try out the spa, well that's the second thing. It was to watch the sunset. Cheesy as it sounds, I live right smack in the middle of KL, no view of the sun setting there. Only dull concrete around. Rushing back to Golden Palm Tree, I managed to get there just in time for a spectacular view from the deck. I wish I could do that more often. Perhaps I should consider moving. *wonders*

Well as the sun went down I had to rush off and get ready for dinner. Dinner was at the Hai Shang Lou chinese restaurant. Joining the group for dinner was  William Chen the Assistant Vice President of Golden Palm Tree. It was a great oppurtunity to have a mini interview with him on the resort and its concept. Feted with delicious dishes and fresh seafood I ended the wonderful meal with mango puree with black sesame ice cream. *yummsss*

Hai Shang Lou Restaurant in the day
(Image courtesy of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa)

I was taken for a visit to the Escapade Spa after. The view from the spa's balcony that evening was beautiful as it overlooked the resort. If you see from the photos, underneath each villa unit there are lights illuminating the bottom part. With countless stars in the clear sky coupled with the lights from the resort it looked amazing. That was the beginning of the free and easy evening. After that I continued exploring the resort and I ended the evening with mocktails, the GPT Virgin Sunset and Clear. :) Wait, have I mentioned the swimming pool overlooks the sea? That's another awesome sight especially at night.

 My system completely shutdown the second I got to bed. Alarm set at 6.25am. *zzzz*

Part 2 next! :)

*Note: Photographs in this write up are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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  1. will definitely make it in my wish list, u r one lucky girl, fatin, wink2

  2. chocolate turtle28 May 2012 at 12:39

    the place looks wonderful!!

    well written article that will make any reader want to stay at the resort

  3. mizz ayna: thanx ayna :) yes, you must visit this place! it's fantastically fun!

    chocolate turtle: thanks loads! the place is awesome :)

  4. The place looks so nice!

  5. hi dear
    really good reasearch u did on the the best resort and spa i was searching about this and resort and spa finally i got it from you thank you i hope u do like same

  6. Definitely a wonderful stay! All of those and more - hop over to for a discount of more than 50% - at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa!! Thank you!

  7. Interesting read!
    Now i know where I'll be heading to for my next getaway.


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